Disaster Management

Title of Plan and Date of PlanLocal Mitigation Plan 
Reviewer’s name andDate of mitigation plan review:  
 ELEMENT D. Plan Review, Evaluation, and ImplementationRegulation (44 CFR 201.6 Local Mitigation Plans)Location in Plan:Section & page numberMetNot Met
D1. Was the plan revised to reflect changes in development? (Requirement §201.6(d)(3))  
D2. Was the plan revised to reflect progress in local mitigation efforts? (Requirement §201.6(d)(3))  
D3. Was the plan revised to reflect changes in priorities? (Requirement §201.6(d)(3))  
  1. Suggested improvements to the plan

Improvements to the plan can be made by encouraging use of technology in the mitigation plans. This can be one by ensuring that all types of hazards have been studied and their mitigation discussed. The evacuation of people during a flood has always involved choppers and light air crafts that would not require much space for landing. This is as advanced as the response to the flood situation can be. However, mitigation plans can be designed to ensure that when the flood occurs, it will be easier to evacuate people and save their lives. Technology is important in mitigating disasters and in a case like Seattle Washington, the buildings should be built better (FEMA, 2011). The plans have to be designed in a way that floods cannot sweep away buildings or create weak points in the process. It is important that Seattle Washington crisis management is done using technology. Fire disasters can be mitigated by automating extinguishing machinery. Places that are prone to being engulfed in fire caused or spread by electricity or fuel should be fitted with powder extinguishing materials and dispensers. 

Seattle should also have better power supply grids that can quickly cut of supply in case there is a fluctuation in terms of voltage supplies. This will also be as a means of mitigating fire disasters in Seattle Washington. The improvements to the plan should factor in the possible disaster of terrorism. Terrorism is a difficult subject to handle when mitigating disaster. Terrorists are always using the best and the most sophisticated technology (FEMA, 2011). This means that when Seattle is planning on how to mitigate a disaster, there is need to develop technology that can counter and prevent or slow down an attack in the event that it is executed. People are likely to get injured but the loss of property and lives cannot be as bad as it would be if the mitigation plans had not been put in place. Seattle can easily do this by collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security.

  1. Specific sections in the plan where the community has gone above and beyond minimum requirements.

The idea of Seattle working with the Department of Homeland Security surpasses the expectations of any plan to mitigate disasters. The idea of mitigating terrorism is crucial for Seattle and the larger United States after the 9/11 attack. It is important that as it is stated on the All-Hazards Mitigation Plan, the mitigation of terrorism is taken care of. Terrorism is an increasing threat to the United States and all the other countries that have taken a strong stance against. Seattle was expected to take care of the natural and manmade disasters like arson but terrorism was not in the scope as much. The involvement of the Department of Homeland security increases the security capability of Seattle to deal with disasters in form of terrorism. It is also important that when looking at how Seattle collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security is beneficial, the impact of a natural disaster is compared to the impact of a terror attack (FEMA, 2011). The magnitude in both instances may be similar but the trauma that comes with a terror attack is worse because the survivors get to learn that it was pre meditated. Natural disasters can be traumatising but people are likely to recover the trauma faster than terror attack victims.

  1. Prepare a summary of strengths and opportunities for improvement-

The opportunities for improvement in Seattle are endless. Seattle is strategically positioned in Washington to handle all types of disasters because it has been taking measures to mitigate disasters in the past. Seattle has the potential and framework to work with the Department for Homeland Security on disaster management (FEMA, 2011). This means that when Seattle faces an international incident with terrorism, the federal government will also be quick to offer support. The same happens in case Seattle faces a natural disaster like floods where there will be need to provide food, medication and clean water as well as shelter. A state and region that has had good working relationship with the federal government is more likely to get elaborate help in case of a disaster. Working closely with the national government is well advised because systems will have been put in place and there will be no confusion during the response process.

The opportunity for improvement of the mitigation plan is in engaging the people of Seattle. The residents are likely to be more cooperative when they are involved in the planning. The residents can present the authorities greater opportunities for mitigation of disasters. Involving the members of the public in the exercise means that some of them will accept disaster response training by the state. The more the exercise is rampant, the easier it gets to save people during a disaster. The ones who do not take the training on the response can be taught on how to save themselves in case a disaster strikes. This means that Seattle and her citizens will always stand a greater chance of recovery after the sensitization and public training on how to act in times of a disaster.

The strengths of the improvement of the mitigation plans in Seattle. The strength that Seattle possesses lies in the fact that during the mitigation of a disaster, there are funds that are allocated for the exercise. It is important that when mitigating a disaster, the members of the public are also made aware of the process. Communication is another strength that the people of Seattle have succeeded in achieving (Seattle All-Hazrds Mitigation Plan, 2009). Communication and availability of resources makes the process of mitigating disaster easier to achieve. It is also important that when mitigating disaster, the state puts in place infrastructure to assist during the response. This is an additional strength that Seattle has. Seattle working with the Department of Homeland Security can easily save her citizens when there is an incident.

Seattle is also well endowed in terms of experts and this makes it easier to train the members of the public on how to act when a disaster strikes. It is important that when looking at the strengths in Seattle’s mitigation plans, one is able to see how well the infrastructure is designed to assist in times of a disaster. This is a strength that Seattle can explore, during the exercises, the people can conduct drills to test the ability of the people to respond in a timely fashion. It is important that everybody in Seattle is well prepared given that disasters never give warnings before them strike. Seattle is well designed and this means that terror attacks would be more powerful and effective there. It is important that the local authorities work harder and in corporation with the department of Homeland Security.

  1. How the and the extent to which the plan exceed minimum requirements 

The mitigation plan has been well executed. The plans just exceeds minimum requirements slightly because the level of collaboration between Seattle and the federal government is encouraging. The plan also takes note of the fact that most of the buildings have to be renovated and upgraded to match the required standards. About 32% of the buildings in Seattle were built before the building standards were approved (Seattle All-Hazrds Mitigation Plan, 2009). They can easily collapse under impact and not many people can survive such a thing. It is important that anybody living in Seattle is protected by the State. This can only be done by ensuring that the buildings that people live in are up to standard. The realization of this fact in the plan and the recommendation to upgrade them was beyond the expectations. This means that the current hazard mitigation team is well aware of what they need to deal with. It also shows that the security concerns of Seattle are well taken care of. Disasters can be damaging to a society and there is need for the State and Federal government to work together to reduce the impact of disasters. The plan for Seattle is well written and can save a lot of lives if implemented to the letter.

The lives of people in Seattle are more secured with this plan as opposed to the previous plans where the issue of standards of buildings was not well covered. It was an indication that the previous planners may have not realized that the old buildings were dangerous to the citizens of Settle. They are not well designed to withstand earthquakes and floods as they occur today. This means that they can easily cave in on people and make it difficult for recovery. It is also important to note that the current plan makes use of actual statistics and can easily be followed by any member of the public. It is simplified yet detailed. It is practical and easy to implement. The fact that the Federal government is also involved makes it easier to validate among the citizens of Seattle. They are in a position to feel protected and part of the United States. The plan also documents the road map to achieving the disaster mitigation process. It is the best plan Seattle has had as yet but needs to focus more on technology and make it practical to the world of today.


FEMA. (2011). Local Mitigation Plan Review. Seattle: FEMA.

(2009). Seattle All-Hazrds Mitigation Plan. Seattle.

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