week 6 responses

 You are then required to continue the debate by posting responses to the arguments of the opposing group. At least two responses must be at least 200 words.  Your two best responses will be graded. Do not make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the United States during this period. Whatever you write should be in character. Be creative! Remember that everything you argue, although in character, must be grounded in academic research and must demonstrate you have done the required work.
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New! SNCC   Supporter
Jarvis Brown(Sep 15,   2017 11:04 AM)- Read by: 4
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Fellow   Black Americans,
                 I speak to you today in support of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating   Committee (SNCC). Forgive me for my vulgarity but heed my words when I say   the change we have been wanting since we were so called declared free people   is still not here! The same people who claim to have our best interest at   heart from their fancy suits and big paychecks they received built off the   backs of our people. For those of you clouded by the judgement of why should   you support us, let me address the elephant in the room. Two years ago was   one day that showed our rage to this country, the Tumultuous Watts Riot was a   day of not only rage and anger but it was the ONLY way we could have our   voice heard by OUR people and not with the influence of non-black people.   Since the SNCC started, we were along the platform of Non-Violence along with   Dr. King but no more. How can these peaceful approaches that make you look   like target practices possibly help our people. The Civil Rights Act was good   on paper saying there would be no more discrimination but what happened last   year when Samuel Young was murdered by that white man at the gas station.   Discrimination was banned but he was murdered for using a “Whites” only   bathroom (Rulska, 2011). I do support Dr. King and the advances he has been   making but I cannot stand with the SCLC anymore, the March on Washington in   1963, was one of the best things I could see in this world but what do you   think happened to every black person who was alone as they were going home   (Cornelison & Yanak, 2004)? Ponder about that, you may think their   non-aggressive movement will show results but when? The SNCC is demanding   actual change but the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is asking,   which basically means whenever you’re ready.
                 The SCLC wishes for the same thing as the SNCC desegregation. Myself and   other leaders in the SNCC could see that violence would stir up in our youth   because they didn’t have to face our struggles and they shouldn’t have to be   punished because they weren’t born slave, or fully faced oppression like the   rest or most of us. I commend  the SCLC for encouraging our people to   vote, for helping those who can’t help themselves but just because you heal a   caged bird doesn’t make it free. The SNCC is willing to break out of the   cage, are you (HSST222, 2013)

SNCC supporter/ Andy        Carmicheal

Rulska. (2011). Student   nonviolent coordinating committee. In S. C. Tucker (Ed.), Encyclopedia   of the Vietnam war: a political, social, and military history (2nd   ed.). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. Retrieved fromhttp://ezproxy.apus.edu/login?url=http://search.credoreference.com/content/entry/abcvw/student_nonviolent_coordinating_committee/0?institutionId=8703
Southern Christian   leadership conference. (2004). In P. Cornelison, & T. Yanak, The   great American history fact-finder (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Houghton   Mifflin. Retrieved from http://ezproxy.apus.edu/login?url=http://search.credoreference.com/content/entry/hmgahff/southern_christian_leadership_conference/0?institutionId=8703
“The Struggle for Civil Rights. “HIST222 / Lesson 6, APU,   Retrieved from: https://edge.apus.edu/access/content/group/arts-and-humanities-common/Universal/HIST/222/elf/lesson-6/elf_index.html
New! Week   6_ Debate_Robinson
Candace Robinson(Sep   16, 2017 1:58 AM)- Read by: 1
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Hello class,
This really was an interesting debate that   we had this week and very knowledgeable as well.
Martin Luther King Jr. accepting the Nobel   Peace Price  Acceptance speech was an honor because I had never actually   seen it. The civil rights movement is something that we will cherish forever   as far as enforcing against discrimination on racial activities. Martin   Luther King had a motive for freedom and justice in all aspects. He wanted   equality amongst all races, no matter what color you were but especially   African Americans. He spoke so heavily on young individuals having the   right to vote but could not at the time. He stated “Why this prize is   awarded to a movement.” I stick by and understand Dr. Martin Luther King   Jr because he was strictly against violence and hate. “Sooner or   later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live   together in peace. (Martin Luther King Jr.) It seems like he was speaking   into existence what are world is going through today. He accepted his Nobel   Peace pride with peace and dignity speaking upon Civil Rights,justice and   faith above all. Racism and war was something he did not accept within   the nations. He was not one for retaliation. He was a man who believed that   things would get better including the young and the old in mankind. “We   shall overcome.” (Dr. Martin Luther King).
I am Professor Youhuru Williams  and I   am an actual leader of Civil Rights.I believed that the North would be a   place to escape from the South including Democratic parities. I   am mentioning the black revolution on campus.  Mr. Alex Kim spoke   greatly on lives and education that mattered just like Martin Luther King Jr   did as well. I support SCLC all the way although both movements are very   powerful in their own ways.
Kelly, Robin D.G.. Earl Lewis. To   Make Our World Anew. Vol 2.
oxford: oxford university press, (2005).   (apus library)

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