Terms and Conditions

Website. This is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name. Our internet site is accessible at https://www.solutionessays.com where we provide you with academic help.

Services. This refers to all kind of writing assistance which we provide to our clients. We offer essay help services in essays, research papers, literature reviews, dissertations, and any other academic writing work

Terms and conditions. These are set of rules and guidelines that governs the use of our portal site. They include, revision policy, plagiarism free content guarantee, privacy policy and money back guarantee.

We, Us , Ours. Our website is owned by Mutt Street Limited which governs all its services and accessories.

User, You, Client, Customer. This is a person, a business person who have made registration with our website as a client and have agreed on our terms and policies. A customer, also refers to anyone executing an order, biding, uploading order information and transferring payments on our website.

Writer. This is a professional who offer writing services. These experts are employed as freelancers in writing companies and websites.

Account. This is a part of a website that is individualized and is not exposed to other publics. Once a client registers in a website an account is made and is personalized by the use of his/her account name and password.

Order. It is normally a request for writing services made and paid by a client. The order specify how the work should be done and the directives to attain the educational needs of a client. It also includes all the requests made by a customer and their requirements.

Product. This is what the website offers you after making an order. This is the final paper that is send to the client according to the directives given.

Clients information. They are folders presented by the client to our website in any presentation allowable by solutionessays.com to act as a sample and reference.

Registration and placing an order

Making an order is very simple as you have to fill a one page order form. By pressing the order button you will be provided with the order form, the following process will help you place an order.

The form helps clients to detail the nature of the work, instructions and delivery terms. it is a client’s duty to offer us specific order instructions , requirements and details for every order you place with us.

Once you specify paper qualifications, you should register in our website by providing your personal information such as name, phone number and email address. We always advice our clients to update us once they replace their personal details for example if you change your email address and phone number you should inform us so as the information can be updated in our system department.

Payment and discounts

Making an order from us suggests that you gave agreed to make payment for our services. We start working on your order immediately you make payment and the payment is approved. The cost of your order is calculated by our pricing system. For us to deliver your order, ensure you have made a full payment for your order.

You can make payments through PayPal or any of the major debit and credit cards. Before you make payments, always check the payment method being used any time you place an order in our website.

Our company has a discount policy where we offer our customers with bonuses and discounts fairly.

We have a money bank guarantee which gives our clients the right to request and receive a refund if anything goes wrong at any stage of your order. It it the client’s duty to pay for any tax such as the value added tax and the service tax.

Our clients may have to pay additional taxes on certain cost that is charged by our company depending on the customer place of residence.

As a client its a necessity to make an agreement and comply with the income tax obligation under income tax obligation provided in your jurisdiction.

Order processing

Order validation

After getting your full payment, we go through the order to ensure that it meets all qualifications according to the directives given by the client. We work on the order until it meets the clients satisfaction.

Order volume

When making an order, a client must indicate the number of pages , each page contains a maximum of 275 words. The final paper presented should have the number of pages as instructed by the client in the order page. If the figure of words or pages does not match with the instructions provided, clients are allowed to contact us for revision of the to have the document matched.

Change of order details

A client is allowed to make change on the order as long as the writer has not yet started working on it. Once the writer starts working on your paper, the order directives cannot be changed.


In case a clients needs specific things to be used when working on the order, they should offer the information to the writer. The clients can also help us on where to acquire the data by presenting the links , uploaded forms or the title of information to be used.


We have various modes of communicating with our customers in our website, incase a client wants to place an order or provide any other information they can communicate to us through emails, calls or live chats.

Progress tackling

Clients can use their individual accounts to check the progress of their homework where their order details are unveiled. We are available 24/7 and therefore a client can use the modes of communication we have to get the information about his order.

Order delivery

We work on your product and ensure it  meets all your order instructions before the deadline. The client is responsible for providing correct information in their profile. we advise our clients to communicate to us if they want any help concerning the product delivery. Once we have sent the order on the clients individual page, it is their duty to upload it timely.

If you want to obtain some data on how to get a refund, check on our money back guarantee page.

Order revision

We have a revision policy where we offer unlimited free revisions in a case where you are not fully satisfied with what we deliver.

For us to accept your request for revision, your revision directives should match with those in your initial order. In such situations, we request our clients to pay an additional cost for the paper to be revised with the current instructions. You are requested to make an editing order on your individual page to have it checked for revision..

Refund policy

We work at ensuring we provide high quality papers , delivering them before the set deadline and following the instructions given .If you are unhappy with the submitted work, you can ask for a refund, We can refund a part of the money paid or a full refund with respect to our money back guarantee policy.

The use of products

After placing an order with us and making payment, you make an contract that the order is for personal use. You make payment for the appreciation and compensation for the writer on their effort and time taken in doing the research for you. The payment is also for maintenance and administrations in ensuring proper delivery of the product.

Modifying ,displaying and distributing of the products we offer you in the internet is not allowed. All our products are mainly for personal use.


Once you place an order and pay for it, You agree the following terms.

  • We have the power to invalidate an agreement with clients who attempts to pass any product we deliver to them as their original work. You also agree not to pass any product received from us to third parties or for commercial use. Once we notice that you have or you are using any product received from us in a way that is not acceptable by our website, we can make a decision to cancel any work in progress and decide not to work with you in future.
  • We do not permit our clients to put their names on the product they get from us on any product you receive from us. The products and written materials we deliver to you are mainly for research and reference purposes. We discourage any act of plagiarism or any other form of academic fraud or dishonesty. We are very strict when it comes to adhering and abiding to copy right laws. We do not knowingly allow our clients to violate copyright laws or commit plagiarism. Any product we provide to our client is for use as a model, example or a lead to doing an assignment and should not be used as a student’s own or final work. The work provided should be used as a guide or model to help in writing your own work. The only time you can use some parts of the assignment delivered to you is when the assignment is paraphrased and carefully referenced.
  • We are not responsible of any unethical, illegal or inappropriate use of any of the products or written materials received from our website. This includes any disciplinary or legal action such as poor grading, lawsuits, plagiarism, expulsions, loss of scholarship, suspension, or failure. The person purchasing products from us has a full responsibility of all disciplinary actions that may emerge from improper use of the product.

Personal data and payment information: use and security

To get information on how we collect, store and process your personal data, please check our privacy policy.

Account information and security

When registering our clients we request an email address and ask the client them to create their personal password to secure their account. We can also ask for your name and phone number which might be optional in some cases. We use the email offered by the client as his username.

We advice our clients to avoid sharing their password with other parties to enhance their account security.

You are in charge of all orders and activities in your account. If you realize that someone else has gained access to your password, you should create a new password immediately or contact our Support Department for help.

You can change your password any time for security reasons. When resetting a password, you are sent a message through the email you registered with us. This is to confirm you are the one accessing your account.

In case you forget your password and unable to access your account, You can click the forgotten password button and create a new password. To create a new password you must be able to satisfy our security check.

Use of the website; termination and suspension of use

You are allowed to use our website for personal use and not commercial use.

You must never use our website or part of it for illegal purposes. You should not use our website for any of the following purposes;

You should not use our website to disseminate any unlawful, abusive, threatening or harmful materials that might breach the law.

You should not use our website to transmit materials that might breach any law or regulation or code of conduct.

You should not use our website in a way that affects other people using the website.

You are not allowed to use our website to store, make or transmit materials that are protected by copyright law without the permission of the owner.

If clients go against any of these terms, they will be responsible of any loss or cost that will result from the breach.

Breaching of any of these terms can lead to us to terminating any contract we have with you.

In case we suspect your use of our website is illegal or might affect any of our clients, we might decide to suspend your use of the website to create time for us to do an investigation.

Clients are not allowed to make communication to a writer in a way that is not authorized by the website, this is viewed as a violation of the terms and conditions.

Intellectual property rights (Iprs)

Intellectual property rights in a product.

The products we hand over to our clients drafted by our writing experts.

We retain the copyrights of any product we deliver to you.

After making payments for our products you are given a non-exclusive license to use the product you ordered from us for personal and not commercial purpose.

By purchasing a product from us, you make an agreement of not exposing, modifying or publishing any product you acquire from us without a written agreement from us.

In case you are involved in any unauthorized use of a product you purchase from our website, you will be responsible for any loss we may incur.

Intellectual property rights in any materials supplied to us by clients.

Clients have a duty to check any information they download on our site for use in processing your order does not go against intellectual property law or any other applicable law. In case they do, you will be responsible for any loss we incur.

Intellectual property rights on the website.

We own and license all intellectual property rights on any part of the website.

There is no intellectual property rights that will be transferred or deemed to any person who uses our website.

Clients are not permitted to disseminate, download or copy any content from our website except as it is allowed by our terms and conditions.

Sources used.

We do not provide clients’ with full articles or e-books for their work. We provide excerpts for use in the referencing of the order. In return we get a service fee for collection and delivery of this sources including links to the original sources in case a client needs them for viewing or purchasing.

14 Disclaimer and limitation liability

  • We do not guarantee that you will have all your expectations and requirements met by our website. You may not be able to access and use our services if computer does not support encryption and other relevant technology.
  • You can use the internet which is an independent web to access our website. Using the World Wide Web is at your own risk and you will also be subjected to all applicable national and international laws and regulations.
  • Our website may contain links and hyperlinks of other websites and sources that belong to other persons. When using this sources and websites, you should know that they have their own privacy policy and terms that you should review to be on the safer side. Accepting services from these websites and sources is at your own risk as we do not take responsibility or liability on their access and use. You should check the policies of these websites before sharing your personal data with them.
  • In case of any changes on the website, we will not be responsible of any damage or loss that might result from such a change.

We will also not take responsibility to problems arising from any of the following ;

  1. Malfunctions, difficulties or failure of hardware or software, email, computer, phone, network or internet.
  2. Incomplete, failure or delays in computer or email transmissions.
  3. We will not be responsible of any condition caused by events above our website’s control that might lead to a delay, disruption or corruption in the delivery of a product or service.
  4. In case the use of our services or product ends up causing a loss, damage or injury, we will not be liable.
  5.   We will not take responsibility of any printing or typographical error occurring from any of the delivered product or service.
  6. We will not take responsibility to any loss or damage to any person that might arise from the use of our website or inability to use our website or from any matters from events that can’t be controlled by our website or from unforeseeable losses or damage.
  7. In this terms there are no intention to limit or exclude any liability that might arise from negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability not limited by the law. We do not intend to affect your statutory rights as a consumer.


Clients are not permitted to hand over their rights in this terms to other publics. We can transfer our rights to another business as long as we are sure your rights will not be violated

In case a client violates any of the terms no action taken ,they are still awaited to follow and take action as per the rules in the future.


Unless stated in these terms, Notifications from our clients should be in a written form and sent to us via email or live chats.

We send notifications to our clients through the following mediums.

  1. A display on the website regularly.
  2. A display on your personal order page.
  3. Emails on the email address you registered with us.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Our website terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales’.

In case of any disagreement, it should be settled by negotiations between the parties who should try everything to resolve the dispute. If the parties do not manage to reach an agreement, an arbitration can be done under the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).  This is because the court’s rules have been incorporated by reference into this clause.

We agree with our clients to solve any issue amid us on individual level and no representation on behalf of others. There will be no right or authority to have a dispute arbitrated as a class, collective or private attorney general action.


The following are our rights at any time.

  1. Modify any feature, function or data on our website.
  2. To suspend or terminate all or some of the services or parts of our website permanently or temporarily affecting the availability of any feature, content or database.
  3. Put limits to certain features and services or put limits to all or parts our website with or without notice and we will not be liable to any loss it might cause.

We will try our best to notify our clients of any change made that might affect the way they use our website.

Sometimes we may renew our terms . Once the terms are updated, we will send you a notification through the email . We post the revised terms on our website where we await our clients to study them. Upon such an update any contract you enter into with us will be per the agreement on the new terms. Its the clients duty to check on the terms frequently.

Contact details

You can contact us through live chat, email, or call using the contact details provided at the upper part of each page on our website for more information.

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