Simulation Test

B. Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing


The population of Sentinel City is 663, 862 and the age percentage breakdown of the population is:

  • 7.4% of the population is under 5 years of age. 
  • 21.7% of the population is under 18 year of age. 
  • 10.5% of the population is under 65 years of age.
  1. The race percentage breakdown of the city is
  • White: 80.6%
  • Black: 10.4%
  • American Indian 2.0%
  • Asian: 3.7%
  • Hispanic: 31.5%
  • Pacific Islander: 0.2%
  • White non-hispanic: 52.7%

4. Median Household Income of Sentinel City __$49,091_____________

5. Percentage of Sentinel City residents living below the poverty level ___18.9%________________

6. Population of each of the four neighborhoods: 

Nightingale Square:   103,974___________

Acer Tech Center: __ 168,390___________

Casper Park District:  352,643___________

Industrial Heights: __   38,855_________ _ 

7. Median Household Income of the four neighborhoods: 

Nightingale Square: _$269,550___________ 

Acer Tech Center: __ $166,300___________

Casper Park District:    $80,134_________ __

Industrial Heights: _     $24,672______    ___   

8. Percentage of non-insured residents in each of the four neighborhoods:

Nightingale Square: _0.7%___________ _ 

Acer Tech Center: __1.5%_____________

Casper Park District:  22.7%__________ _

Industrial Heights: __37.5%_________

•   Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory

There are several safety hazards sentinel City such as jaywalking, lack of enough traffic signs to guide motorists and pedestrians. Near the school district, it is risky for school going children because the area lack safety road signs.  Some buildings near Better Health Clinic are in despair and this possess a security risks for people visiting the health unit and those around.

Drug Use in the City

In the city, the most abused drug is Alcohol, followed by tobacco. Statistics indicate that 26% percent of drug users abuse alcohol while 24% were tobacco users. The people who report to use tobacco the most are native American- Indians who are between the age of 21-53. There is also the use of other illicit drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.

What are the EMS response times?

The EMS response time is not more than seven minutes which is efficient as per the resources and the standards of the city. 

What types of crime are occurring in the area?

The crimes occurring in the area include, Aggravated assault, robbery and petty crimes that take place mainly in the industrial and Casper neighborhoods. 

Is there gang violence? Describe.

While there are no cases reported involving gang violence in Sentinel, there is evidence that these gangs exist due to cases of vandalism and graffiti on areas in abandoned buildings throughout the city.

Scavenger Hunt

Describe the services offered by each of the following community resources. Summarize any other pertinent data found at the site:

The City is keen on recreation and Parks, there is one within the town centre. The recreational park has various facilities such as the tennis court and basketball area. There are also other programs available for students after school such as swimming pool, gym, gardening, and such. As for the elderly, the healthcare systems helps with house, transport, meals, medical care and health advocates. City Hall-Social Services include providing income to single parents, low income earners, services to pregnant women and WIC. In addition, City provides for children and older adults suffering abuse. Better Health Clinic (formerly Community Health Center) helps to provide for pregnancy testing, birth control, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, breast and cancer screening and other basic tests. 

Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen is part of Interfaith Church whose aim is to feed the homeless community. 

Affordable Housing Project

The affordable housing project provides for persons with low income and homeless persons who benefit 

Windshield Survey

By using the tool, helped in planning in terms of quoting my experience around the city. It was possible to differentiate how different neighborhoods presented themselves in terms of cleanliness, safety, and noise. The city’s dwelling areas are mainly apartments or condominium living quarters. One outstanding observation is the lack of enough recreation parks. In areas where one would expect a park like in lower income neighborhood, there was none. The only park was in the Nightingale square and it was not conducive for low income persons who have to come on a daily basis.

  1. Data Analysis 

According to the data provided by the table, shed light on useful aspects of the neighborhoods such as traffic, safety, noise, demo graphs etc. one is able to draw an analysis based on the services for each neighborhoods. It is also possible to spot where essential services are not present. Take, for example, the data provided for the city demonstrate important factors such as crime rates.

  Data indicates the number of services and amenities available in the city that Industrial Height is a low income area and people from here enjoy social amenities such as parks, public transport, and healthcare services. However, children have to contend with dilapidated spaces due vandalism and bad buildings. There seem to be no regard for safety in the area. The Soup Kitchen sponsored by the church attracts a large number of homeless people in the area. In addition, by the number of sirens heard in the area. Another importance of Data is that it provides a clear picture of what the city is lacking. For example, there lacks public resources such as waiting benches, ramps for disabled persons, road signs, safety signs. There is no effective system that caters for garbage.

C. Community Diagnosis For Sentinel City

Discuss the three problems for Sentinel City™ based on the Healthy People goals.

  • The city has a number of issues pertaining to health. There are health disparities due to air pollution, littering, and pest infestation. According to the humane society records, most animals in the area are prone to diseases.  As such, there needs to be better regulations on health safety such as pollution, waste disposal, and abandonment of animals.
  • There is no efficient system for health insurance for Sentinel city due many people suffering unemployment. While the main goals for Sustainable Developmental Goals 2020 is to create efficient housing (Nilsson, Griggs & Visbeck, 2016), Sentinel is yet to establish that. There is a need to prevent instability by giving the federal government by helping with low income to pay for their rent. As for littering, city hall can come up with programs that will pay the homeless for collecting garbage at a fee.
  • Another problem is the lack of awareness concerning the significance of vaccines. As a result, there are many unvaccinated children in Industrial heights as opposed to other parts of the city. The main reason for this is because Industrial heights residents are low income earners.

D. Discuss community resources that are available to address one of the problems identified in part C1. 

One of the most significant community resources is City Hall which provides a number of ways in which the homeless can sustain themselves. The high percentage of homeless people can reduce with subsidized housing. Instead of having dilapidated buildings, the government can renovate them for an affordable fee. Another way that the City Hall can intervene is by creating programs for affordable health.

E.  Identify a primary prevention topic based on the problem you selected in part C2.

The fact that most residents of Sentinel are struggling with financial issue due to lack of employment is problematic. As such, there needs to be programs put in place to cater for job opportunities, affordable housing, affordable healthcare, and systems for disabled people. In turn, these measures will help improve the neighborhoods by doing away with violence, pollution, overcrowding and such.

Discuss how you will apply the assessment strategies you have learned from the simulation environment to your community assessment strategies in your community.

My assessment strategies have enhanced my understanding about the root causes of some problems in my community. By investigating the various aspects of Sentinel such as health, education, environment, I have established that it becomes easy to provide solutions for any challenges. Take, for example, in my community, there is the need to create programs that will rehabilitate old houses and make the available for the homeless population (Massey & Rugh, 2017). There is a high number of people who depend on wellwishers and group homes for housing. The fact that there are many homes put on foreclosure, it reflects on the fact that there is high cost housing. There should be an intervention to have landlords make the houses affordable and rehabilitate houses that are old.


Massey, D. S., & Rugh, J. S. (2017). Zoning, Affordable Housing, and Segregation in US 

Metropolitan Areas. The Fight for Fair Housing: Causes, Consequences, and Future Implications of the 1968 Federal Fair Housing Act, 14.

Nilsson, M., Griggs, D., & Visbeck, M. (2016). Policy: map the interactions between Sustainable 

Development Goals. Nature News534(7607), 320.

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