RetailMax: “Role for Cam Archer and Regan Kessel” Sabrina Brown Professor Lahargoue Grand Canyon University: LDR-610 March 13, 2013 RetailMax: “Role for Cam Archer and Regan Kessel” What is RetailMax? RetailMax, Inc. is a young Boston- based company that provides merchandise, optimization software, and assistance with tasks such as; preseason planning inventory management, product pricing, and forecasting customer demands to major retailers. RetailMax was founded in 1984 as a consulting company and transitioned to a software company in 1998.
Like many other software companies, RetailMax was forced to downsize in areas that were not directly involved with making or selling software, however since hiring Todd Elman as the new CEO, the company bounced back and were able to hire more than 100 employees to work (2006). Who is Cam Archer? Cam Archer started working at RetailMax within a business development capacity where she managed strategic alliances and partnerships after just graduating with her MBA from a leading business school.
In the position Cam was in, she has a very good reputation from both internally and by her customers that she is very smart, diligent, and valuable individual (2006). However, after years of being in a sales position Cam decided to start exploring other options at RetailMax where he can stay with the company but change to another position with less or no traveling required. Who is Regan Kessel? Regan is the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing (PMM) for RetailMax, Inc. , Regan has 20 years of experience working in the industry.

Regan founded his own retail supply chain software company, which was sold to IBM in 1996. Since then has developed product and marketing strategies for numerous supply chain companies, and recently worked with a Dallas-Based company commuting to Texas from home base to Boston. Todd approached Regan to come aboard with RetailMax and he did accept the offer. Who has the greatest potential power and why? Between Vince Mangini, the Vice President of Professional Services (PS) and Regan Kessel, the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing (PMM), Regan Kessel has the greater potential power.
Why? Because if one sit back and take a hard look at what each has to offer Cam, Vince only has to offer more money verses Regan, he has much more to offer Cam. Vince not only offers a good salary, but room for growth if Cam ever decides to move up the ladder. Vince offers less or no traveling which what Cam was originally looking for and her purpose of wanting to find another position. Also, Cam is able to report to Vince directly other than having to report to an individual over her first, then to Vince.
In comparing who portrays what type of power, Cam portrays Personal and Expert power which comes from her experiences, skills, and or knowledge. Cam not only gained experience in particular areas, but she became known as leader material in certain areas because of how effective she was when making sells. Therefore, over time she began to portray having expert power in which can be utilized to get others to help meet certain goals as well. Regan portrays to have Referent Power.
Regan does not come off as a person that you can trust, but being that he took the time off to research a fair salary for Cam not only based on her education but her experience as well seems as if he is an individual one can certainly trust and know you are going to be treated fairly. Vince portrays Formal and Coercive Power. Vince knew Cam wanted to obtain a position in which does not require little are no traveling. However, he insisted on making her an offer by using dollar figures. Vince also made smart comments to Cam such as; “If you try to sit on two chairs at one time, you are going to end up on the floor”.
This comment does not allow Cam to make the right decision based on what she feels is best for her; this comment is saying look you know you cannot do both jobs at one time so you need to hurry up and decide what you want to do for Vince benefit. Did stereotypical gender roles influence either party to proceed in a certain manner? Explain how they did or did not act stereotypically. No, gender roles did not influence either party to proceed in certain manners; it was about who can get Cam and how much she is willing to make to be a part of their organization.
Regan wanted Cam because of her success rate in what she did, and knowing that he knew she was looking for a new position and was highly recommend by the CEO he was willing to give her a chance in a new position. Vince wanted Cam because of her success rate as well; however he was willing to offer Cam more money but less stability in which she will still be traveling, and not able to report to him directly, and with no room for growth. What social factors (such as reputation, the prior relationship between the parties, and their mutual ties to others in the organization, including the CEO) affected each person’s power?
The social factors that affected Regan was when he found out his other colleague Mangini knew that he was going to hire Cam, but then he decided to offer her another position with a higher salary. I know this is business, but that was a little dirty to do. Cam has been with the company for a longtime, therefore she has more of an advantage than others when applying for other positions. This is how she was able to get an offer from Regan being that he knew the CEO and he asked Regan to give him a chance even in this new position. In reading both articles, assumptions were not really made from each side.
Basically, what was discussed between them all was pertaining to business choices. Cam had to decide in which direction she wanted to go while Reagan, Mangini, and Todd wait for a finalized decision. Archer should be interested in the Marketing position because it will enable her for room for success, it will give her more time having a social life, and less travel. This position will strengthen her power once she gets the title. With the title will come respect; Kessel should definitely hire Archer being that Archer has reported not only to be a success factor for the company, but her reputation all together speaks by itself.
Kessel will do great things if Archer comes on board. If Kessel hires Archer the proven work that Archer has done in the past, individuals will definitely sit back and watch how will do things as a team together. What positive effect might hiring an external applicant instead have on Kessel’s power? If Kessel hires someone externally this should not do anything as far as power is concern. It just shows that things happen and we all need to move on. Therefore, if Kessel really want Archer to work for him, he should offer him the highest he can offer him for that position and offer to pay commission. This will even out at the end eventually.
Archer should accept the Marking Position being that this is something that was always planned when it comes to less or no traveling. Archer need to sit down and just take a really look at things. Money is not everything especially y when you are making a good salary already. After considering all of the above, evaluate who used social power most effectively and why. Out of all the individuals mentioned, Mangini showed the most social power. How? Mangini used not only his position, but his salary as well of what he can offer Cam to bribe Cam to work for him. Mangini even said little remarks to Cam to get Cam to come his way.
Cam has to realize being in Marketing is where the heart is, and just because Mangini can offer more money, is what you really want to do with no room for growth, reporting to someone else other that Mangini, and still traveling. My mom use to always say, what look good to you is not always good for you. References McGinn, Kathleen L. , and Dina R. Pradel. “RetailMax: Role for Regan Kessel. ” Harvard Business School Exercise 904-025, May 2006. (Revised from original September 2003 version. ) McGinn. , and Witter. “RetailMax: Role for Cam Archer”. Harvard Business School (2006).

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