Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Report Analysis

Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Report Analysis

The Quadrennial Homeland Security Review takes the responsibility of safeguarding the borders of the United States and the relationship it has with other countries. The Department of Homeland Security is the body that is supposed to prevent the United States from terrorist attacks. The department is thorough given the magnitude of responsibility it is charged with. The department is also supposed to ensure that no weapons of mass destruction are in the wrong hands in the United States. That involves the Department being updated and prepared to deal with threats that change face and diversify every day. The department is also expected to ensure that the government is secure at all times, this means smoking out any individuals that could potentially endanger government events, projects and the country’s infrastructure. Generally the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review is set to review the performance of the Department of homeland security.

The Homeland Security has to re-evaluate their modes of operations. In the S.C County, the sheriff’s department has expressed dissatisfaction in the way the department conducted it operations in the county. The Department ambushed the county and the result was that the county officials did not know that the Department of Homeland Security was working an immigration related case until after the citizens that had been arrested were cleared (Todd, 2017). In such a case, the homeland security department has to re-assure S.C County that the incidence will not be repeated. The county will definitely benefit from better collaboration with the Homeland Security Department under new plans in preventing terrorist invasion and other security dangers that the Department is equipped to handle as part of securing the United States. 

Homeland Security is named like so because it is a body whose primary function is to secure the United States from foreign and domestic attacks. The jurisdiction of the Department is within the American soil which gives more sense to the title, department of Homeland Security. Preparedness in the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review defines the plans and systems put in place for the purpose of securing the United States (Napolitano, 2010). The preparedness entails training, funding and equipping the Department in preparation to ensure that any threat to the security of the Country is safeguarded. Homeland Security enterprise is a term used to describe the fact that the role played by the Department is not exclusive to the department. All the security forces and services in the country are supposed to be on board with the security sensitive roles. The department of Homeland Security shares the responsibility with other departments like the various governments across the country’s hierarchy.  Homeland the term resonates with the policies designed to secure the borders of the United States and the international relations of the United States. The department, based on its title, is likely to apply the strategic planning that merges capability-based and scenario-based planning strategies to handle any emergency pertaining to the security of the United States (Naval Analytical Capabilities: Improving Capabilities-Based Planning , 2005). The Homeland Security Enterprise is linked to the policies that give the department jurisdiction beyond state and county borders. 

The S.C County is not secure without the help of Homeland Security Department. This means that the two bodies have to reconcile their differences and find a way to work together for the safety of the citizens. The county department is supposed to speak for its citizens which is the reason the Department of Homeland Security has to find out why and how to work with department without causing problems. The department of Homeland Security despite its jurisdiction being country wide is not expected to show disregard to the county officials and their security systems. In the case of S.C, the department should have liaised with the county officials and probably it would have resulted in better cooperation and better execution of justice (Todd, 2017). The department has to take into account its credibility with the American citizens to build trust and encourage the citizens to take part in the security operations. The Department of Homeland Security has to ensure that the people they protect do not view them as an enemy. The department has to further invest in public awareness of their missions to ensure that the American citizen supports the course for their own safety. 

The Department of Homeland Security has five missions (Homeland Security Official Website, n.d.). All related to the security of the country. All five missions are important. The S.C County will benefit from new plans on accomplishing the mission of enforcing and administering immigration laws. This is because the problem the county had with the department of Homeland Security came from a misunderstanding with regards to this mission. The subject of immigration is already and issue in S.C. this mission has goals to achieve. The goals include enhancing the immigration system’s administration. This will help regulate the immigration activities and in the process prevent the influx of illegal immigrants within the county of S.C. the objectives achieved by these missions are supposed to ensure that the immigration into the United States is lawful at all times. The illegal immigrants are found and deported to their countries. This will also prevent the possibility of untraceable individuals conducting terrorist attacks on the American soil. In the long run, the Homeland Security Department will have averted internal terrorist attacks from within the S.C County. The immigrants that will have followed the due procedure to acquire entry and secure citizenship or residence are free to mingle with the United States citizens and access the services without fear of deportation. It is also easy for the department to monitor the legal immigrants in the event that they exhibit terrorist tendencies. The Homeland Department’s role in the immigration regulation works on reducing the factors that seem to encourage illegal immigrants from going to the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security also has the mission of ensuring resilience to disasters (Napolitano, 2010). The S.C County can be free of all security threats but the disasters occur anywhere and at any time. Their occurrence often affects the whole country.  In this case, the Homeland Security has to invest in disaster preparedness. The goals for this mission are to ensure fast recovery from the disasters and fit in to the new situations caused by the disaster. The new situations may be, families being forced to move from their homes as a result of an earthquake, tsunami or even floods. The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to ensure that the country can balance its response management when a disaster strikes. This is a very complicated mission to accomplish because disasters especially the natural ones are uncontrollable.

The Homeland Security Department may sound off track with regards to mitigating natural disasters but it is a very important body in the management of disasters. The capabilities of the Department to respond to disasters are well established. The S.C County is thus supposed to work with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that in the event that a natural calamity hits the county, the federal government can come in and help (York, 2017). The Department of Homeland Security is expected to invest heavily in disaster preparedness and mitigation. As it is, the country is well prepared to mitigate disaster and recovery but the ability to do both simultaneously is yet to be achieved.  The resilience to disasters is the true test of whether a country is well equipped and trained to handle disasters and help the citizens recover. The S.C County is going to benefit from better collaboration terms with the  department of Homeland security given that there is a portion of the county that is prone to sever droughts.

To conclude, the Department of Homeland Security and the S.C County can work together to enhance the disaster management systems and look for ways to reduce the severity of the effects the county experiences with drought. The department will then be in a position to constantly lease with the county and assist when the county has challenges handling drought in the region. This collaboration will also reduce the raids on immigration without informing the county officials on what is going on. The department will have to restructure the system to ensure that it has respect for other security bodies. The fall outs between the department and the individuals are expected to reduce greatly to ensure that the security of the American citizens in S.C County is the priority. The Homeland Security Department is capable of accomplishing all their missions judging by the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Report prepared in the year 2010.


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