Non-profit organizations

Non-Profit Organizations


Non- profit organizations are usually exempted from taxes by the Internal Revenue Service. The funds that these entities received are usually taxed from the donor’s end so that the non-profit entity pays not tax. These entities are the required to make their financial reports and information known to assure the members of the general public of transparency. For an organization to achieve a tax exemption, it must ensure that its course serves a purpose within this scope; religious, scientific, charity, education and other activities that enhance the well-being of people in humanitarian fashions so that ultimately the general public gets to have some benefits by the existence of the organization. Non-profit organizations must always satisfy the clients who include; patients, students and other people requiring charity assistance.

Key Concepts for Effective Collaborative Arrangements

The most important role of a non-profit organization, just like any other organization is to have priorities set right. The priority of any business is to deliver quality products and services to the clients. Clients are always the success or failure of any business even the non-profit organizations. Therefore, the key concepts to the effective execution of an organization’s collaborative arrangement is to consider the cultural and global contexts within which the organization operates. Organizational culture is also important in ensuring that the organization is serving its purpose (Havard Business School, 2010). This is due to the fact that the society is made up of different cultures and society set ups. Serving a diverse society requires flexibility on the part of the organization and its leadership. It is possible for the members of the organization to strategize for the organization to fit into the society where it operates. For instance; when providing medical services to a Muslim community, it is in the best interests of the organization to ensure that the environment does not portray a Christian culture. This will ensure that the people in the area are able to seek medical attention at the organization’s hospital without feeling as if they were out of place.

Strategy is tied to the formulation of the organization’s mission. This is a sublet way for the organization to ensure that the society understands the role of the non-profit organizations in their midst. This makes it easier for the members of the organization to execute their plans and find willing members in the locality to work with them. When developing the mission of an organization, it is part of strategic planning. (McGuire, 2006)This means that the mission is the driving theme for the organization every day in order to achieve their goal which is the visions. A non-profit organization like a hospitals may have the goal of ensuring that no maternal mortality deaths that are preventable occur. This is to mean that in the case where the people in the society also realize that these deaths are common, they will embrace the mission of the hospital. It is possible for an organization to ensure that these maternal mortality rates are eradicated by sensitizing the women and the community at large on the importance of attending the antenatal clinics during pregnancy. (Babiak & Thibault, 2007)The organization can further advance this message by ensuring that they provide the clinic services for women at subsidized costs as well as charging fair maternity costs. The mission of eradicating maternal mortality rates during child birth will then help the organization to attain its vision of zero maternal mortality rates at childbirth.

Collaboration for non-profit organizations has always been the main consideration for the locations within which the organizations would be set up. It is important that an organization finds ways of incorporating all the stakeholders into the activities they undertake. For an organization with forward looking agendas, the reception by the local’s matters to them. (Stone, Bryson, & Crosby, 2015)The organization’s management will always ensure that both at international and domestic levels, all the stakeholders are considered part of the organization. It is important for an organization to ensure that at global levels, the international community sees he transparency in its practices. Additionally, it is important for the organization to ensure that all its donors are clean in the eyes of the law. This means that an organization should not entertain donations made by individuals tied to drug rings and activities like human trafficking. The business culture of non-profit organizations is not at any point supposed to encourage the society to take part in businesses that are not in compliance with the law.

Opportunities for advancing social justice between sectors in non-profit organizations is important. Social justice in this instance is the ability for the organization to achieve its goals for the society. The best example is the, “Teach for America,” organization (Crutchfield & Grant, 2007). It started as a small organization with a passion for spearheading reforms in the education system of the United States. It means that the organization was set up with a mission of improving the quality of education in the United States and the goal of incorporating the society in the education matters of the American child. This organisation has grown and more than tripled in size since its inception. This is an organization that has served social justice over the course of its existence. Organization such as, “Teach for America,” are often the same that advocate for equality in the society. (Andrews & Entwistle, 2010)This means that for the organization, they can easily find a way of encouraging people from all walks of life to seek higher education. Educational organizations often have a plan for providing scholarship opportunities for students with exemplary intellect but have no funds to support their education. For an organization, this is an additional reason for donors to give freely. An organization that seeks to help in the society, it is justified to have as many donors as are willing to be part of the good course.

Collaborative Relationships for Differing Organizational Missions

There are many types of non-profit organizations globally. They all have one thing in common, service to the people. This means that when looking at the role of the organization in the society, its impact should be visible. For an educational organization, there should be less children in the streets or staying at home for lack of fees as opposed to before the organization began operating in the area. It is also important for all non-profit organizations in the society to have an area where their interests in helping people overlap. (Faems, Looy, & Debackere, 2005)This can be seen in the area of improving health care for a hospital organization and a rehabilitation centre for reducing addition. These two organizations can overlap in the case where they both are concerned about the health of the members of the society. Educational organizations can work hard in ensuring that girls get the right quality of education. An organization that advocate for the rights of the girl child to be respected in the society are likely to work hand in hand with the educational organizations (Nicholas, Carroll, & Keatings, 2010). Such kind of a relationship makes the organizations succeed in ensuring that the society is developed uniformly.

Equity in development is important. This is because one section of the society cannot develop while the others lag behind. This is the reason why collaboration has to be planned and strategized to ensure that development in the community is uniform. Where the needs of the community are concerned all the companies and organizations concerned should work towards a common goal. There are many ways of ensuring that the community is able to benefit from the organization’s development projects. The most important thing the organizations can do is to have meetings and sessions of interaction with the community members. During this period the organizations should seek the input of the community members to ensure that whatever development projects are undertaken, they will benefit the community.

Assessment of the Collaborative Relationships That Enhance the Organizational Missions

Collaborative relationships for organizational missions can be positive or negative. For instance, an organization may be helping the society get rid of drugs and rehabilitate the drug users, while on the other hand, top government officials who engage in this trade are likely to sabotage the efforts of the organization. These are some of the challenges that an organization may face in seeking to attain their organization missions. Governments may be hostile and at the international level, there may be challenges that slow down the organizational mission form being accomplished. The organizations that advocate for equality face the most challenges because in terms of racial, gender and even social and intellectual discrimination there are people who can never change their perspective. For an organization operating in these conditions, the accomplishment of the mission is likely to be unachievable. This is a collaboration relationship challenge. However, for organizations with missions such as health care and education, the society is always ready to get involved. 

Inter-Sectoral Collaborations

The collaboration of organizations in various sectors is good for the society. this is because the organizations working together ensure that the society grows unfirmly as opposed to when one organization is working more efficiently on its own while other are failing. The education systems may be greatly advanced but the poverty levels in the society are unmatched. This is a case of discord between the organizations working in the community eliciting such disparities. Inter-sectoral collaborations have to be planned and each organization brought on board. This is where the organizations split their roles and responsibilities according to each organization’s capability. This is also necessary to avoid replication of activities by the various organization. For instance all organizations working within a community can take on a project to advocate for sanitization. However, when they all meet and agree to let on organization cover sanitization, then the other organizations will find something else to do with their time. The governance and management of the organizations should always be treated as the management of any business. Accountability and results should always be seen. The same must always be made available to the donors to ensure that they are comfortable with the way their money is spent.


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