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Background Information 3

Purpose 4

Scope 5

Policy Statement 5

Activities 5

Training Programs at Inghams Enterprises 6

Corporate training 6

Other Training 7

Regional Training 8

Accountabilities 9

Conclusion 10

HRMG200 Policy Report on Inghams Enterprises

Background Information

In an organization, learning happens all the time, even when people are not aware of it. Whether it is by forgetting to save some work on the computer, power fails and data is lost, the employees learns about saving next time. This type of training as Manuti, Pastore, and Scardigno (2015) note is referred to as incidental training, and demands that the employee learns without giving much thought to the whole issue, rather it is through experience. Along with this training, there is also intentional learning, which happens when individuals engage in specific activities with the attitude of what they can learn from the activity. On the other hand, organizations have the responsibility of providing the right resources for employee training and development (Sung and Choi,2014). The human resource learning, training, and development section is part of the HR strategy also referred as SHRM and organization development. As part of its commitment to the development of its employees, the department provides skills training programs for all its employees (Elnaga and Imran,2013). These skills often involve management, personal and interpersonal development skills that aim at molding individuals into group leaders, supervisors, negotiators, or project managers. Alongside the development initiatives, sometimes the human resource department may also provide various seminars on health and safety issues, information compliance, work/life balance among other issues that may affect employees inside and outside the organization. Armed with this information, we develop a comprehensive report based on one of the leading organizations in Australia. The idea is to develop a human resource policy on learning, training, and development for the organization.

Inghams Enterprises is an Australian based company, with more than 100 locations in Australia and New Zealand. Apart from Inghams’ office buildings, factories, and the brand name, the company’s organization is comprised of employees from different regions, religions, and ethnic backgrounds working together in a unified corporate culture. The company’s culture brings people together from various regions all over Australia, New Zealand, and even overseas. Thus, the most important part of the company’s business strategy and culture is thedevelopment of human capacity in each outlet all over the region. Learning, employee training, and development of a unified staff culture are an integral part of Inghams’human resource management.This is firmly statedby the company, by practicing a culture that embraces new talent and nurtures graduates into professionals. Employees are expected to comply with the company’s code of conduct and at all times act in the best interests of the company. Besides, the human resource department has a responsibility towards conducting regular training on the code of conduct for its employees. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that the company trains new graduate recruits, nothing much is done regarding the existing employees. In this regard, this report aims at encompassing several effective and efficient human resource guidelines to develop a policy for the organization. The policy will deal with employee learning, training, and development by emphasizingindividual responsibility and a commitment to life-long learning fit for characteristics of Inghams’ employees.


In the current highly competitive environment, employees must replenish their knowledge and attain new skills for better performance in their work (Ahmad, Mirzaie, and Hosseyn 2014). The purpose of the report includes:

  1. To provide a better framework for training and development of additional knowledge and skills for all the employees of Ingham’s Enterprises through understanding and tailoring learning programs as per individualsto enhance their performance within the organization.
  2. Highlight the level of service offered by the strategy human resource training programs and development.
  3. Provide easy avenues for staff members on where to get information regarding various training programs within the organization


The policy applies to all permanent, full-time and part-time staff members in all the over 100 locations in Australia and New Zealand,who are responsible for their personal and other staff members learning and development. Its perspective is based on HR learning, training, and development of skills important to staff in the organization. However, the policy does not include supplementary employees such as consultants or contractors. Employees on atemporary or short-term contract basis may also be required training as per their manager’s directive.

Policy Statement

The most important part of Inghams Enterprises is the development of human capacity in all the locations they operate. Employee learning, training, and development are the driving force of the policy for efficient and efficient human resource management.


The employee learning, training, and development policy is tailored according to the needs of Inghams Enterprises and will be considered as a starting point for setting up employment policies for the organization. In general, the following employees’training will be offered. Nevertheless, as part of learning, we encourage the company to provide educational materials, which can be posted on their website so that employees can perform better at their job. 

Training Programs at Inghams Enterprises

Ingham’s has a graduate program where every year the graduates selected undergo a certain period of training. During this time, the students are exposed to various individualized training programs aimed at turning them into professionals. They are also assigned a mentor from the business, whose primary objective is to ensure the recruit is fully aware of the operations of the company and their responsibility towards the organization. Unfortunately, the company does not have training programs for pre-existing employees, which is extremely important for the company. In light of this, training programs essential for the employees at Ingham’s will be introduced. Most of the training programs will be on-joblearning, and it is the responsibility of the team managers to guide and coach every individual assigned to them.As part of the training, managers will also identify employee development needs, which will help in facilitation formal training programs. The formal learning programsare purpose-oriented, designed to improve specific employee skills and competency. Therefore, they will be tailored within the framework of the individual development programs.

Corporate training

The human resource department will occasionally engage experts to train the employees on sophisticated productions processes. As technological innovation takes over the world, the manufacturing process has steadily improved, most of the corporate training should be to ensure employees develop skills required to operate the advanced equipment and machinery (Burcharth, Sondergaard, and Knudsen 2014). Along with enhancing their technical abilities, it is important for the employees to be more flexible and relaxed during their working hours. Part of the corporate training program will be to enhance diversity among employees, provide leadership training for supervisors and managers, and enhancetheir conflict resolution skills. The company will pay for the training programs and employees will not be required to utilize their leave to attend.

Other Training

More than half of Inghams Enterprises work in their factories. Local or internal is one of largest components of a company’s development progress, and a substantial majority of companies offer training to their staff occasionally (Masalimova and Sabirova2014).Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Inghams Enterprises offers continuous training to meet the specific needs of their employees. In fact, their training program mainly focuses on graduates joining the organization, who are mentored into the operations of the various departments they are assigned to work with. The program will ensure appropriate and ongoing learning programs are an official part of the employeeworking program. According to Liao (2010), managers are responsible for holding various local programs within their departments or in their groups and give employees some of the basics that ensure improved performance. In this case, managers will undergo various training programs aimed at developing their coaching skills. At their discretion, managers may request the human resource department to organize for an out of the factorylearning program. Virtually, the programs will be extensive, but they will start with continuing the graduate programs after the recruits have been absorbed in the organization. Together with some individuals who the managers will have spotted to have potential, the firm will introduce training to these people to prepare them for supervisor or team leader roles. Sessions will include skills such as human assessment, leadership skills for supervisors and team leader or manager’s roles.Most of these training sessions will last for about three days each. The on-job training will also focus on career development both at the technical and administration position. The people attached to the marketing department are an important part of the company, and a strong and influential department significantly affects the performance of the firm (Wirtz, Tuzoic, and Kuppelwieser 2014). Their training programs will be frequent as new marketing strategies evolve each day and the organization must be in line to achieve competitive advantage in the market. Among the skills included in the program will cover sales and marketing, finance management, and fieldwork operations. Along with the in-job training, the company will from time to time offer financial assistance to individuals seeking to expand their education for the benefit of the organization. As a way of ensuring company operations are not interrupted, it is recommended that the staff members take evening classes in job-related courses. The company will pay half of the fees and other expenses reimbursed, while the employee pays the remaining half.

Regional Training

Inghams Enterprises’ success can highly be attributed to the capabilities of its managers in each region. The organization will therefore, organize learning programs where they will invite professionals from outside the firm as the primary source of information. Management courses will be offered to members who have served the company in top managerial positions for more than five years. In one way, it will be used to appreciate their contribution to the company’s success as well as develop their abilities on the way they interact with internal activities. There will also be classes for people who have worked with the organization for more than ten years and are holding executive positions. The primary objective is to develop their ability to represent the company to the outside world. They are the people who will represent the industry in the face of competitors.


Accountability applies to all employees, supervisors, managers and executive managers of the organization. It is the responsibility of every member to ensure that these training programs are fully exploited and beneficial to the organization. Employees will be encouraged to raise any issues with their manager or the human resource department on areas they need further training. The manager should take immediate action by forwarding the employee request to the relevant authority. Where manager feels the need to organize a training session, then the company authorizes them to do so, but with collaboration with the HR.The human resource manager will be responsible for conducting preliminary investigations about potential needs of hosting a training program. Along with that, they will also review and recommend regular training based on the needs of the employee and organization target. Employees have an obligation to attend seminars presented by the organization to improve their knowledge and skills as well as increase their awareness regarding various operations within the organization. However, as Khan (2014) elaborates, organizations should make the working environment and seminars friendly for employees to make them attend these workshops out of their loyalty to the company and not because they are obligated. Still, during and after training sessions, employees should comply with the requirements of the organization and ensure that they put to task what they have learned in their training sessions. In case employees encounter a conflict of interest, where their personal interests may be compromised by their loyalty to the organization, it is within their rights to express this issue to the relevant authority and look for a way forward. Such cases may involve scenarios where an employee has a family issue, which might not allow them to go away on aseminar for an extended period. Employees should also not take misuse the information acquired from the training sessions to benefit their selfish motives, instead of the organization.


Inghams Enterprises’ policy statement is that employees should be given an opportunity to develop their potentials to the highest level. This is a principle that has worked for several organizations as it ensures the formation of long-lasting relationships with people who are highly competent and focused on helping organizations realize their potential. By giving employees a chance to learn and develop their knowledge and skills, Inghams not only enriches the staff members with information but also boosts their confidence, building a unified corporate culture within the organization. Enhancing such a culture is the ultimate goal of a company success, as employees become more dedicated to their work.


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