Honey And Mumford Learning Style Education Essay

It is normally believed that most people have a penchant with respects to interacting with, taking in and treating information to let them to larn ( Smith, 2003 ) . Different people adopt different acquisition manners where an optimal manner allows the person to larn best. The construct of individualized acquisition manners has gained a great trade of popularity in recent old ages of all time since the thought was proposed in the seventiess. To day of the month, there has been a monolithic copiousness of trials that can be performed to measure a individual ‘s acquisition manner ( Sprenger, 2003 ) .
The undertaking is divided into two parts:
Part A: To place and analyse my learning manner penchants through assorted questionnaires ; the VARK trial, Honey and Mumford acquisition manner, Myer Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) and Belbin ‘s squad stock list. Prem and Phil stated that “ Learning affects public presentation because all public presentation can be improved through acquisition. ” ( Prem & A ; Phil, 2008 ) . Therefore, this allows me to derive an apprehension of who I am as a scholar and how this cognition may impact my public presentations, both separately or within a squad environment.

Part B: To discourse my personality type and how my learning manner may impact my calling picks. However, it is deserving observing that although “ personality is a possible subscriber to acquisition, it is hard to specify ” ( Davies, 2008 ) . Sigmund Freud used the analogy of an iceberg to explicate the complexness of human personality by proposing that most of the personality is hidden out of sight under H2O ( Freud, 2003 ) . Hence, placing one ‘s personality is non an easy undertaking, and trials should merely be used as a ‘starting point ‘ instead than as a agency to do definite opinions ( Bayne, 1997 ) . However, my consequences will give a general thought of a calling field that most closely fit my personality and strengths.
Part 1: Who I am as a scholar?
1.1 VARK Test
The VARK trial is one of the most normally used theoretical accounts to assist place an person ‘s penchant for having and analyzing information with respects to larning. It can assist people to develop extra acquisition schemes. There are four manners for people to utilize, such as ocular, aural, read/write and kinesthetic ( VARK, 2009 ) . It is a model to measure a individual ‘s learning manner.
The consequences of the VARK trial ( Appendix A ) suggest that my strengths in a acquisition context remainder on my aural accomplishments. I have a strong penchant for aural based acquisition since I like to listen to others during treatment to derive a different position which allows me to understand more of the subject being discussed. My group mate agrees with this by stating ”Although Yin Sung is usually quiet during group activities, she is an active hearer of other people ‘s positions and attentions about other people ‘s ideas, ” ( Vicky, 2010 ) .
Another portion of the trial consequences that I peculiarly agree with is that my written/reading accomplishments rather weak and is n’t my preferable method of larning. Having merely late moved to analyze in the UK, English is non my first linguistic communication which could explicate why this type of acquisition is non one of my chief strengths, although my proficiency is bettering a batch. Since, the western educational system places a batch of accent on reading and authorship, I believe that I will derive a batch of betterment in this acquisition facet as clip goes on with added pattern.
However, I am a spot surprised by my low mark on my kinaesthetic accomplishments. I have ever thought that I am person that learns good when given the chance to see something via a ‘hands on attack ‘ . For illustration, I find that I am able to pick up new accomplishments easy ( i.e. badminton ) when I am able to physically seek it out instead than merely reading from a book on how to play.
1.2 Honey and Mumford Learning Style
The Honey and Mumford ‘s ( 1992 ) Learning Style identifies and categorises an person ‘s learning manner. There are four possible manners ; an militant, reflector, theoretician and pragmatist, with a sum of 80 inquiries in the trial ( Honey and Mumford, 1992 ) .
Harmonizing to the consequences of the Honey and Mumford larning manner questionnaire ( Appendix B ) I adopt a high reflector outlook. I agree with the bulk of the description of the reflector which I believe to the full depict me. A Reflector is a careful individual who prefers to take a back place in group treatments ( Honey and Mumford, 1992 ) . I like to listen to other people ‘s positions before I come to decisions and take my clip before doing any determinations. Being less self-asserting and be givening to keep back from engagement, I believe that I will work good and larn more expeditiously if placed around an militant, as one would be able to promote me to undertake state of affairss via a more ‘head on ‘ attack. This would heighten my engagement in group activities and treatments.
In understanding with my VARK consequences, the Honey and Mumford trial suggests that I am a good hearer which is one of the strengths of a reflector. I to the full agree with this since I have ever been person that likes to listen to everyone in the group thoughtfully. This gives me an chance to derive different positions from different angles before I come to decisions.
However, a possible failing that I see in myself by being a reflector is that I spend a long clip when executing set undertakings. For illustration, during my last assignment, it took me in surplus of two months to finish it as I was brooding excessively much on the readying phase. I spent excessively long researching information before I eventually began composing my assignment which is due to my caution with respects to make up one’s minding how to compose it.
Although I do demo a cautious outlook, I do n’t to the full hold with the description that a individual with reflector behavior ne’er likes to take hazards. I on occasion like to step out of my ‘comfort zone ‘ to see things that I have ne’er experienced before to broaden my ain cognition. For illustration, I chose to go forth my place and familiar milieus in Hong Kong to analyze in the UK. I besides like to take up activities and avocations that I have ne’er tried before.
1.3 Myers Briggs Type Indicator
The Myer Briggs type Indicator ( MBTI ) is a questionnaire used to place an person ‘s personality type based on Carl Jung theories. MBTI categorises persons into two maps, such as extroversion or invagination which is the penchant in which an person prefers to direct their energy ( Madeline & A ; Rebecca, 1988 ) . For illustration, one that likes to direct their energy to cover with outer things, state of affairss or other people is deemed to hold a penchant for extroversion. Conversely, a individual that likes to cover with thoughts, information, accounts or the ‘inner universe ‘ , so their penchant is invagination.
The consequences of the MBTI ( Appendix C ) suggest that I have a dominant introspective map, with a high penchant for introspective detection as demonstrated by my high mark in ISFJ. These consequences show that I like to listen to others and to absorb every bit much information as possible in a peculiar state of affairs, to spread out my cognition and to accomplish a clear apprehension of a subject. These compliment good with my consequences from the Honey and Mumford trial mentioned above.
The consequences besides suggest that I am a difficult working person, which I feel describes me good. I like to get down early and guarantee that I perform undertakings to the best of my ability. Sing my academic life, I tend to analyze at least five hours a twenty-four hours. I besides begin my research for assignments long before the deadline. For illustration, although this professional undertaking is due for entry in April 2010, I have been fixing and making the necessary reading since October 2009.
The MBTI consequences besides suggest that I have an of import penchant for extrovert feeling, as demonstrated by my high ESFJ mark. I am person that likes to concentrate on edifice harmoniousness in the universe around me and construct positive relationships. Besides, I ever value other people ‘s parts during work or other activities. My old employer said “ Sung Yin is a really personable person that is popular with the clients and staff which creates a really positive ambiance around the topographic point, ” ( Mrs Poon, 2008 ) .
I will ever seek to carry people to hold with my positions if their sentiments are different to mine. However, I ever need to be careful non to pique those around me while seeking to make so. Briggs Myers stated that although ‘ESFJ ‘s ‘ are “ friendly and sympathetic, they are really diligent and insist that others portion the same positions as them. ” ( Myers, 1995 ) .
1.4 Belbin Team Inventory
The Belbin Team Inventory is a trial used to estimate penetration into a individual ‘s behavioral inclination in a squad environment ( Furnham, Steele & A ; Pendleton, 1993 ) . The trial allows us the chance to find non merely our single aptitude strengths, but besides gives an consciousness of our place within a squad and how we are expected to lend. It “ scores people based on how strongly they express traits from nine different squad functions. ” ( Belbin, 1981 ) .
Harmonizing to my Belbin trial consequences ( Appendix D ) , I have a major penchant for a function as a ‘shaper ‘ within a squad. A ‘shaper ‘ contains behavioral traits that correspond to my consequences from the MBTI. For illustration, a ‘shaper ‘ shows a thrust to win and to get the better of obstructions which complements my desire to carry through my aspirations and follow my clear ends. Although I display ‘reflector ‘ features, I besides see myself as a competitory person that thrives on force per unit area and challenges, which forms the footing of the ‘shaper ‘ function. My high school P.E teacher wrote on my school study “ Sung Yin has demonstrated her competitory side during badminton category and has the necessary personality and desire to go a good participant in the athletics in future, ” ( Mr. Yeung, 2001 ) .
The consequences besides show that I am a ‘monitor judge ‘ proposing that I am an person that likes to measure all options before coming to a decision, which allows me to do accurate opinions. This agrees with my Honey and Mumford trial consequences which say that I am one who likes to derive different positions in treatment before doing determinations ( being a reflector ) .
Finally, the trial consequences besides consider me to hold a penchant for a ‘specialist ‘ function that displays individual mindedness and dedication. These are traits that I agree with since I am a instead obstinate individual that does n’t wish to alter my head one time I have my head set on something. Mr Robinson, my old employer said ”Sung Yin is a really goaded individual with a clear way with where she wants to be and is improbable that she will be swayed from it, ” ( Mr. Robinson, 2007 ) . I am ever dedicated to my undertakings at manus and ever give my best to make them every bit good as I can. This has allowed me to develop my accomplishments and cognition to a degree that means I can give a utile part within a squad.
Despite what I feel is a reasonably accurate appraisal of my discriminatory functions within a squad, I do non to the full agree with a ‘resource research worker ‘ being my least preferable function. This is because I believe that I am a communicative individual which is a cardinal trait of the resource ‘resource research worker ‘ . As demonstrated by old trial consequences, I am a individual that possesses strong aural accomplishments. Despite regularly following a cautious attack to group treatment activities ( in line with my reflector personality ) , I like to inquire inquiries and take part in activities one time I feel comfy plenty to show my positions one time I have gauged other peoples ‘ point of views.
Part 2: Deductions for calling pick
2.1 Lifelong Learning
Even from a immature age, I have ever been cognizant of the importance of larning new things to broaden my ain cognition base holding been invariably reminded by my parents to “ work hard till old, and to larn till old. ”A With an of all time altering society and increasing demand for ‘talent ‘ in any professional calling, it is compulsory that an person should non merely get new accomplishments, but to besides invariably upgrade these accomplishments to run into challenges set by the altering work environment.A This is the act of life-long acquisition which is the deliberate patterned advance throughout life of an person, where our cognition is invariably being expanded which allows us to efficaciously ‘survive ‘ in society ( Peter, Jenny and Shelagh, 1998 ) .A The essentialness of life-long acquisition has been good documented even every bit early as the seventeenth century where Comenius wrote that “ no age is excessively late to get down larning. ” And that one should ne’er do the error of ‘standing still ‘ in footings of accomplishment acquisition ( Comenius, 1996 ) .A Through my practical experience and life in general, I have come to the realisation that uninterrupted acquisition is a necessity to keep a competitory advantage over the many persons that seek the same calling chances as me.A Hence, I search for any chances to better myself through life-long acquisition.
With my desire to better, I have late resigned from my occupation to analyze my unmarried man ‘s grade in Northumbria University. Prior to my surrender and subsequent move to partake in full clip surveies, I worked three old ages in the Bank of China as a Customer Service Officer ( Appendix E ) .A During that clip, I was working full-time, while analyzing parttime during eventides by go toing analyzing classes.A The part-time survey has allowed me to develop many cardinal accomplishments to rise my proficiency in making my occupation in minimum time.A This is of import because of the current unstable and competitory occupation market.A It has now become a demand for me to place a clear calling way for me to prosecute and so to develop my cognition towards the relevant countries to carry through the demands of my hereafter employers.A I am now analyzing an ‘International Business Management ‘ degree class with the aspiration to accomplish a future calling in the concern sector.A A A A A A
Life-long acquisition will assist me supply a solid base for the development of indispensable movable accomplishments ( as discussed subsequently ) that would lodge to me throughout life and to help me in the patterned advance towards my calling ends. It is besides of import for doing me a ‘better ‘ person.A After all “ it is the bottom round of the ladder of personal development. ” ( Peter, Jenny and Shelagh, 1998 ) .A
2.2 Career Choice
Having conducted assorted larning manner trials on myself, I have been able to derive a better apprehension of my acquisition penchants, personality and environments where I am likely to boom upon.A It is expected that cognizing an person ‘s learning manner penchant may assist that individual to define a possible calling way that is best suited for them, or even influence that individual towards certain calling choices.A Indeed, it is common for directors to utilize questionnaires to place ideal personality traits in their campaigners that would most probably be suited for their occupations which would help them in the choice process.A However, it is deserving observing that human behavior is extremely complex, and such trials may non needfully give an accurate or thorough appraisal of an person ‘s personality ( Freud, 2001 ) .A Hence, consequences of these trials should non be held absolute and should merely be used as a guideline to help a individual with respects to doing cardinal determinations such as possible calling waies to take.A Despite obvious drawbacks with utilizing these trials, I agree with most of the suggestions made by them sing my acquisition penchants and some facets of my personality.A
In footings of employment, through my practical experiences, I have developed a strong desire to prosecute a calling in Marketing.A The accomplishments I have acquired to day of the month hold mostly influenced my involvement towards this calling way which, together with my personality, has made me see that I possess the ‘raw ‘ foundations to win in the selling sector.A In a study carried out by Honey and Mumford, it was found that the bulk of directors preferable employees that are ‘reflectors ‘ for Marketing occupations ; a trait that they believe would convey the biggest success to their company.A Having carried out a Honey and Mumford trial on myself, it was concluded that I am a strong ‘reflector ‘ , which makes me competently suited for Marketing.
‘Reflectors ‘ such asA myself likes to follow a cautious attack during group activities. This means that I tend to take an initial back place in group treatments, A preferring to obtain different point of views before doing cardinal decisions.A Being cautious, can besides affect believing in front in expectancy of possible obstructions. With selling occupations, it is of import non to hotfoot into determinations without first thought and planning ahead.A This is because, with the nature of the type of work, it is inevitable that there will be ‘lean ‘ periods so therefore, it is particularly wise to be prepared for such periods and to hold a program to move accordingly.A For illustration, a portion of be aftering in front is expectancy of alterations in the markets and happening new merchandises to promote.A It is of import to be cognizant that “ the best selling enterprisers are ever looking for the following large money marker. ” They are ever be aftering in front ( Scott Brooks, 2004 ) .A Hence, holding a cautious attack to things can be a good trait as it means that I am less likely to do incorrect determinations due to hotfooting into things and take necessary precautions.A My Belbin consequences that conclude that I have a strong penchant towards a ‘Monitor judge ‘ who likes to measure all options before coming to decisions adds farther support of my suitableness for a Marketing calling.
“ The ability to stay unagitated is one of the most sought after personality traits in the Retail profession, ” ( John, 2007 ) .A Pressure can come in different ways, for illustration, when covering with unhappy clients who are dissatisfied with the merchandises sold to the ; It is the occupation of the seller to cover with the job and to reconstruct the client ‘s sentiment of the company.A Hence, to accomplish this, it is indispensable to stay unagitated under force per unit area when covering with these situations.A With selling occupations, it is besides of import to be able to react good and suitably to rigorous marks and deadlines that are set and to work towards them, which can besides take to coerce edifice up.A My Belbin trial consequences suggest that I am suited towards a ‘shaper ‘ function which is another ground why I feel that a Marketing calling is suited for me.A ‘Shapers ‘ are adept at executing under supercharging state of affairss and with the added thrust to win. This is of import since there is a batch of competition within the market.A
“ Merely when you have your client on your side, are you able to efficaciously acquire what you want. ” ( John, 2007 ) .A I believe this quotation mark highlights what a calling in Marketing is basically all about.A Success within the field of Marketing and Retail is extremely dependent on your clients or clients which means that good ‘people accomplishments ‘ leting you to link efficaciously with both co-workers and clients is essential.A On a personality degree, it is advantageous to be a ‘likeable ‘ individual which can affect being a pleasant person with a ‘cheery ‘ disposition.A “ You are more likely to be able to negociate better if your client likes you, ” ( Scott Brooks, 2004 ) .A My MBTI consequences have described me as holding a strong penchant towards extroverted experiencing which means that I like to construct positive relationships with people around me and to make harmoniousness around me.A This, in my sentiment has contributed mostly to me being a personable individual.A The benefits of this personality trait are double. First, I would be able to sell my merchandises to clients more easy since they are likely to happen me a pleasant individual. Second, I am more likely to be on the ‘right side ‘ of my work co-workers and so they may be more likely to offer me their help.A
Having identified a calling field that best suit my personality as based on my personality trials, I seek to accomplish a future calling as a Marketing manager.A A occupation of this sort would let me the duty to do cardinal determinations that will act upon the success of the company.A I crave the chance to pull off a squad, and to give a major part to the company that I work for.A
A successful calling as a Marketing director demands certain personality traits in add-on to those mentioned above.A For illustration, it is of import that a Marketing Manager ( Appendix F ) is one that, non merely is able to do accurate opinion, but besides needs to stand by these opinions and non be excessively easy influenced by other people ‘s words.A In other words, they need to be prepared to “ disregard naysayers, even if it ‘s those that are closest to them. ” ( Scott Brooks, 2004 ) . Hence, being brave and besides individual minded can be seen as a demand in this sense.A The Belbin trial consequences have identified me as being a ‘specialist ‘ where the cardinal feature of this function is individual mindedness.A With me being a of course obstinate individual who does n’t normally alter my head holding made my determinations, I believe I am suited for this peculiar calling pick.
2.3 Movable accomplishments
In add-on to the right personality and occupation specific accomplishments, a wise employer will besides look to see what movable skills a perspective employee can offer.A The term movable accomplishments merely refers to a set of generic accomplishments in which an person needs in order to be effectual members of a flexible, adaptable and competitory work force and for life-long learning.A “ At the bosom of it all, most employers are looking for people with common accomplishments and features. ” ( Phil O’Reilly, 2009 ) .A Unlike occupation specific accomplishments, movable accomplishments can be used in many ways, gained through past experiences.A They are accomplishments that can be used in a assortment of occupations and situations.A In order to be successful in Marketing, there is a repertory of accomplishments that are required for me to efficaciously make my occupation which include clip direction, people accomplishments, leading, teamwork and good organizational accomplishments, amongst others.
Marketing occupations rely on the ability to sell merchandises through interaction with a assortment of different clients. Hence, good communicating accomplishments are essential.A As identified by my VARK trial consequences, I have strong aural accomplishments that would be particularly utile in Marketing since the occupation demands that I have a good apprehension of clients ‘ needs.A Bing a good hearer, and besides person that likes to see things from different positions, this would let me to pass on efficaciously with my clients.A My ability to pass on good has been greatly developed through my past employment as a Customer Service Representative at the Bank of China and private coach, learning Mathematicss and assorted linguistic communications to kids. Therefore, good communicating now represents one of my cardinal strengths.A I am tri-lingual giving me versatility in my communicating accomplishments leting me to speak with a wider client range.A Good presentation accomplishments is besides an of import facet of communicating accomplishment that is required in my hereafter calling since it is likely that It would be needed when advancing new merchandises for instance.A Fortunately, my presentational accomplishments have been greatly enhanced over clip through past experience in giving presentations during my past employment and current studies.A
Having a good apprehension of the merchandises that I am advancing and any new merchandises on the market is besides really of import in Marketing.A Hence, it is necessary to hold good research accomplishments and besides to hold an unfastened head with respects to larning new material.A Bing a ‘reflector ‘ agencies that I happy to absorb information from many different angles and utilize it to do my determinations, while being a ‘specialist ‘ as identified by my Belbin trial consequences suggests that I have a natural avidity to larn and spread out my cognition in subjects at hand.A
As I am likely to be working within a squad in my work force with similar marks, there is no uncertainty that good teamwork accomplishments are a requirement.A I believe that I possess good teamwork capablenesss holding already been in employment where good teamwork is a must, such as working with my co-workers in the publicity and derivation of comprehensive fiscal programs during my old job.A I besides actively partake in assorted teamwork athleticss that have allowed me to efficaciously construct on my teamwork skills.A
It is my mark to accomplish a calling as a Marketing director in hereafter, which will demand extra accomplishments in order to be successful such as leading and ability to actuate myself and others within my team.A Bing a Selling director will intend that I will have greater duty, pull offing a squad or doing cardinal determinations that will impact company success.A Although I believe that I possess an ideal personality to set about such a function in a company, I feel that I will necessitate to better myself farther before I am ready.A With respects to movable accomplishments, I believe my biggest failing lies in my leading qualities, being a less self-asserting person that likes to keep back from engagement in group activities.A I understand that if I am to be a good leader, I will necessitate to better this facet by playing a more outstanding function in group activities and basically ‘stamping my authority’.A I do non to the full agree with the impression that leading is a quality that ca n’t be taught, and some people are merely born leaders.A I feel that leading is a accomplishment that can be improved through life-long acquisition and experience ; hence I will boom to better myself in this respect.A “ As with all accomplishments, they need to be learnt and no-one is born with them. ” ( Phil O’Reilly, 2009 ) .A A A A A
Life-long acquisition is an indispensable procedure for me to larn new accomplishments and besides to better bing 1s. It is besides extremely of import for my personal development towards being a ‘better ‘ individual, and one that is able to accommodate to an of all time changing universe. The changeless skill of new movable accomplishments is besides critical for calling patterned advance and to give myself a competitory advantage over those booming for the same chances as myself. By utilizing a assortment of different trials, I have gained an grasp of my ain personality, larning penchants and strengths. This information, together with my involvements makes me ideally suited for a future calling in the Marketing field.

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