Delhi Police Achievement

DATED 09/01/2013 PRESS RELEASE                                                                  CENTRAL DISTRICT GANG OF INTERSTATE CHEATS INVOLVED IN INTERNET BANKING FRAUD BUSTED : FOUR ARRESTED With the arrest of (1) Ajay Kumar Mishra, aged about 45 years s/o Parmeshwar Mishra r/o WZ-823, Palam, Village, Delhi, permanent address Add:- VPO& PS- Jainagar, Madhubani (Bihar), (2) Binay Kumar, aged about 35 years s/o Harish Chand r/o A-166, Devali road, Khanpur, Delhi,      permanent address VPO- Kaitpwar, PS –Sakatpur, Darbhanga (Bihar), (3) Ravi Shankar Pandey, aged about 45 years r/o A-63, near Rama Public School, New Gopal Nagar Extn.
Najafgarh, Delhi and (4) Jitender Kumar, aged about 40 years s/o S. R. Suman r/o 38/11, A Block, Amrit Vihar, Burari, Delhi, Central District has busted a cheating racket which had cheated several businessmen by cracking the passwords of their bank Accounts and subsequently transferring huge amounts through internet transactions and RTGS transfer in various Accounts and by subsequently withdrawing the amount from these accounts located in different parts of the country. INCIDENT On 03-01-13, one Sh.
Ravi Gupta, owner of a Metal Firm having his office in the area of P. S. Pahar Ganj gave a complaint that Rs. fifteen lakhs have been transferred from his Account illegally through Electronic Transferring System. On this, a case vide FIR No. 02/13 u/s 420 IPC was registered at P. S. Pahar Ganj and the investigation was taken up. TEAM A team comprising of Inspr. Suresh Kaushik, SHO/Pahar Ganj, SI Vinay Kumar, SI Dharmender Kumar, HC Satpal and Ct. Chand Ram was constituted under the supervision of Sh.

Anil Kapoor, ACP/Pahar Ganj  /Central Districts to apprehend the culprits. INVESTIGATION During the course of investigation, it was revealed that the money had been transferred from the account of the complainant to different Accounts of Delhi, Lucknow and Agra. It was further revealed that Rs. seven lakhs had already been withdrawn from ICICI Bank Green Park Branch where a total of Rs. ten lakhs were transferred. Sources were deployed to apprehend the accused persons as  it was suspected that they would approach the bank to withdraw the remaining amount.
On 04-01-2013, on the basis of secret information, accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra were apprehended by the police team from ICICI Bank Green Park Branch, Delhi when they were trying to withdraw the remaining amount cheated from the account of accused Jitender Kumar. During the interrogation, it was revealed that the accused are the members of an interstate gang, who were operating in Delhi. The accused persons used to take instructions from their accomplices namely Ajay Mishra and Ravi Shanker Pandey.
It was further revealed that accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra were assigned the task to arrange for operational Accounts of different persons in different Banks all over India from where money could be transferred and the same could be withdrawn immediately even before the victim came to know about the illegal transaction from his Account. At the instance of accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra, accused Ajay Kumar and Ravi Shanker Pandey were apprehended by the police team from Dwarka and Najafgarh respectively. Ajay Kumar and Ravi Shanker Pandey are the operational members of the gang.
At the instance of accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra, Rs. 30,000/- cash has been recovered and the Bank Account where cheated money more than Rs. four lakhs had been deposited has been frozen. Further investigation / interrogation is in progress. MODUS OPERANDI The members of the gang have thorough knowledge and understanding of Internet Banking. They used to hack the computers of different companies having their current Accounts in Multi National Banks. Once they used to get the user name and password of Account through hacking, they used to track the major transaction of the victim.
As soon as the accused persons used to have a substantial amount in that Account, they used to approach the service provider of the Mobile Company of the victim to get a duplicate SIM so that the victim may not get the ALERTS from the Banks of those particular transactions. The members of the gang then used the user name and password of the Account to get the money transferred to a particular Account and thereafter other members of the gang used to start working and withdrew the money through cheque, through ATM or would transfer the money in different Account in different parts of the country.
The accused persons used to siphon off money only from the Accounts in Multi National Banks as the transfer and withdrawal was comparatively fast in these Banks. RECOVERIES •                      Rs. 30,000/- Cash and Rs. Four lakhs has been frozen in the Bank Accounts. •                      Mobile phones used in the operation. PROFILE 1. Ajay Kumar Mishra s/o Parmeshwar Mishra r/o WZ-823, Palam, Village, Delhi, Prem Add:- VPO& PS- Jainagar, Madhubani, Bihar is 45 years old and has studied up to B. Sc. (Pass) from LLMU, Darbhanga, Bihar.
He came to Delhi in the year 1993 and joined a private company as an Accountant but claimed himself to be a CA. At present, he runs an office at Sector 6, Dwarka, Delhi providing Accounts Services and import / export consultancy. 2. Binay Kumar s/o Harish Chand r/o A-166, Devali road, Khanpur, Delhi, permanent address VPO- Kaitpwar, PS –Sakatpur, Darbhanga (Bihar) is 35 years old and has studied up to  B. A. and had worked as Account Assistant in different private companies. At present, he runs a Security Agency and HR Consultancy from his residence. 3.
Ravi Shankar Pandey r/o A-63, near Rama Public School, New Gopal Nagar Extn. Najafgarh, Delhi is 45 years old and has studied up to class 10th. He is in the business of printing. 4. Jitender Kumar s/o S. R. Suman r/o 38/11, A Block, Amrit Vihar, Burari, Delhi is 40 years and has studied up to B. A. He works as Accounts Assistant in various companies. (DEVESH CHANDRA SRIVASTVA), IPS ADDL. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, CENTRAL DISTRICT, DELHI. [pic]PRESS RELEASE | | | |[pic] | [pic][pic] |SOUTH WEST DISTT. | | |  | Dated: 09/01/2013 BLIND GRUESOME MURDER CASE WORKED OUT IN NO TIME. TWO ARRESTED. MOBILE PHONE OF DECEASED, WEAPON OF OFFENCE I. E KNIFE & MOTORCYCLE USED IN COMMISSION OF CRIME RECOVERED | | | |Highlights:- | | |•       Gruesome blind murder case of a Delhi Jal Board driver solved. | | |•       Deceased developed obsession towards accused’s young daughter, which led to his murder. | |•       Two persons arrested | | |•       Weapon of offence i. e. knife recovered. | | |•       Mobile phone, shoes of the deceased and three broken sim cards have been recovered. | | |•       Motorcycle used in commission of crime has also been recovered. | | |  | | | | | |  |
With the arrest of two accused persons viz (1) Lady and (2)Rakesh (aged-24yrs) `s/o Nathhu Lal r/o Village Khajuri, Delhi, PS Bindapur, South-West District Police has worked out a case of brutal murder, which occurred on the evening of 06/01/2013 in the area of Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar. Weapon of offence i. e. knife, mobile phone and shoes of the deceased, and motorcycle used in commission of crime have been recovered. GIST OF CASE On 06/01/13 a PCR call was received vide DD No. 60B at 10. 34 PM at PS Bindapur regarding an unclaimed suitcase lying in D- Block, Phase-I, J J Colony, Dwarka Sec- 3. I. O.
SI Ashok Kumar along with staff reached at the spot where foul smell was emanating from the Suitcase which was wrapped in a quilt. Finding the matter suspicious SHO/Bindapur and crime team were called at the spot and opened the suitcase in which a male dead body aged about 30-35 years was found bundled. On inspection throat was found slit with a sharp edge weapon and a polythene was found tied around the neck. The corpse was shown to the number of passerby and neighbourers but despite best efforts the identity of the dead body couldn’t be established. Bereft of any alternative a case of murder vide FIR No. 0/13 u/s 302/201 IPC PS Bindapur was registered on DD No. 60B and investigation was taken up in right earnest. BREAKTHROUGH At the outset, to establish the identity of the deceased was the challenge before the police. Message in the context of details and descriptions of unknown dead body was flashed. Crack teams were formed and were dispatched to the adjacent Police Stations. During this exercise, a team led by SI Ashok came to know that a person is missing from the area of Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar. The information was further developed and photograph of the deceased was shown to the family members i. . elder brother of deceased. Finally the hard work bore fruits and the identity of the deceased was established as Inder s/o Rajvir Singh r/o L- 2/C- 49, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar. After establishing the identity of the deceased, Police launched a massive manhunt to trace the culprits. Local enquiries were made by the Police to extract clues about the last seen of the deceased. Sensing the gravity of the case a special team comprising Inspr. Rajvir Singh Lamba SHO/Bindapur, Inspr. Subhash Chand Inspr. /Investigation Bindapur, SI Ashok Kumar, H. Ct. Rohtash, Ct. Dinesh under the supervision of Sh.
M. S Dabas, ACP/Dabri was constituted. The team had  a detailed investigation plan and started to pursue the available leads. The team did survey the areas adjoining the scence of crime at about the same time the following night to simulate and recreate the incident. During this exercise, the police team managed to unearth some vital clues. It was transpired that the deceased had illicit relation with one lady. The team got retrieved and analysed the CDR of the deceased and suspect lady. The analyses depicted that the deceased and lady had frequents talks on the mobile.
Accordingly, the lady was interrogated by two different teams at length, who was resiling from her version each time, who also deposed that she had cordial relation with the deceased and is no more concerned with the death of Inder,  however the same version was contradicted by the various circumstances collected by the police. It turned out that deceased had frequent visits in her house, which resulted in developing relations with her. Of late, the deceased also started having an evil eye on her young daughter, which was the bone of contention. The deceased was warned by the lady and even a quarrel ensued between the duo.
Police did lot of ground work in this context. As the probe intensified and the matter was minutely and deeply focused, prima-facie it appeared that the lady (friend of deceased) is dodging Police and was actively involved in the murder of Inder. Reversing back step by step it transpired that on the evening of 06/01/13, Inder was in the house of the lady. Above circumstantial evidences pointed the needle of suspicion towards her and her two associates. Her contradictory statements were exposed and finally she broke down. She confessed to have murdered her friend and packed his body in a suitcase which was dumped in he area of J J Colony, Phase- I, Dwarka, Sec-3. INTERROGATION & CONFESSION Accused lady was subjected to sustained interrogation, who revealed that Inder(deceased) was her friend. He had frequent visits in her house. Of late, he became obsessed with her daughter  for which Inder  was warned but he did not mend his way. All means/sources were exhausted by her to save the dignity of her daughter but the deceased did not mend his ways, thus she decided to eliminate him. She took the help of her brother Rakesh Kumar and his associate (friend of Rakesh). As per plan, Inder was called at her house.
Tea was offered, which was laced with sleeping pills. When Inder became stupor, she brought knife from kitchen and gave to Rakesh. She caught hold of hands of Inder andhis associate sat on the legs of Inder. Rakesh slit the throat with the knife. After confirming the death of Inder, they bundled the body and wrapped it  in a gunny bag, Thereafter it was stuffed in a suitcase. The suitcase was further wrapped in a quilt and same was dumped in the area of J J Colony, Phase- I, Dwarka Sec- 3. Accused lady was produced before the concerned court and her one day PC remand was taken.
On her pointing out, accused namely Rakesh has been apprehended. Material evidences i. e. shoes of deceased, mobile phone of deceased and three broken sim cards of deceased, motorcycle used in commission of crime, weapon of offence i. e. knife have also been recovered at the instance of duo. NAME AND PROFILE OF ACCUSED PERSONS ACCUSED NO. 1       lady Accused is an illiterate and a house wife. She has three children. Her husband is a causal painter. Deceased helped the accused financially on several occasions. Deceased got the advantage of the same and developed physical relation with the accused.
To this extend accused tolerated everything but could not digest the matter when deceased showed interest towards her young daughter. First she warned the deceased when he did not mend his way. He was murdered as per plan. Further startling facts emerged that accused arranged the weapon of offence i. e. Knife, called the deceased at her resident, offered tea by adding intoxicants ACCUSED NO. 2 Name                         -Rakesh Father’s Name                       – Nathhu Lal Address                                 – Village- Khajuri , Bhajanpura, Delhi. Age                                        -24yrs
Education                              -illiterate Present job                          -Private job Family status                         -poor Accused is an illiterate. He is unmarried and originally hails from Rajasthan and has rental accommodation in Village Khajuri. RECOVERY -Weapons of offence i. e. knife. -Mobile phone of deceased and three broken sim cards. -Shoes of deceased. -Motorcycle used in commission of crime. Further investigation is in progress and staff involved in this good work is being suitably rewarded. (ANIL KUMAR OJHA) IPS     ADDL. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE SOUTH-WEST DISTT. NEW DELHI Dated 09. 01. 13 MAID SERVANT WITH PARAMOUR ARRESTED – STOLEN MONEY RS. 4 LAKHS RECOVERED The staff of Police Station Janak Puri has nabbed a maid servant namely Nomee D/o Late Oklu Tete R/o Village Mokhra, Post Office Ponikele, PS Gumla Distt. Gumla Jharkhand with her boy friend namely Santosh Kumar Sahu S/o Sh. Harihar Prashad Sahu R/o Village Katia, Post Office Jeetu Toli, PS Bano, Distt. Seendega Jharkhand. With the arrest of this maid and her boy friend, a case of servant theft registered vide FIR No. 06/13, U/s 381/34 IPC PS Janak Puri has been worked out and stolen amount Rs.
Four Lacs has been recovered. PROFILES OF THE ACCUSED 1. Nomee D/o Late Oklu Tete was born in Village Mokhra, Post Office Ponikele, PS Gumla Distt. Gumla Jharkhand, age 20 years. She studied up to 5th class and due to poverty, she could not continue her study and came to Ghaziabad UP and worked there as a Maid around 1 ? years and thereafter worked as a Maid Surya Nagar and Gurgoan. Now for the last three weeks she was working at C-3/239 Janak Puri. 2. Santosh Kumar Sahu S/o Sh. Harihar Prashad Sahu was born in Village Katia, Post Office Jeetu Toli, PS Bano, Distt.
Seendega Jharkhand age 26 years. He could not persue his further studies so came to Delhi. He worked in a placement agency at Tilak Nagar and also worked as a cook servant in the area of Nariana and Tilak Nagar. Now he is working in the SLG Placement Agency Berri Wala Bagh Hari Nagar Delhi. RECOVERY Stolen Rs 4 Lacs recovered. INCIDENT On 07. 01. 13 complainant Dr. Ajay Gupta R/O C-3/239 Janak Puri made a PCR Call that his maid servant is missing and on 08. 01. 13 he has reported that amount of Rs. four Lacs has been stolen from his house and it might be stolen by his absconding maid.
Dr. Ajay Gupta had not got the servant verification done from Police. TEAM On the direction of ACP/Vikas Puri Sh. Prakash Chander Mann and under the leadership of Insp. H. S. P. Singh, SHO/ Janakpuri, a team comprising of SI Karambir Singh, HC Bijender, Ct. Harjinder Singh, Ct Yoginder, and W/Ct Rakhi was constituted. Information was developed and it was found from the SLG Placement Agency situated at Beri Wala Bagh Hari Nagar, through whom the maid was employed that she had intimacy with one Santosh Kumar Sahu working in the SLG Placement agency.
Raid was conducted at the residence of Santosh Kumar Sahu S/o Harhar Prashad at RZ-209, Gali No. 10, West Sagarpur Delhi and both were apprehended. INTERROGATION      During sustained interrogation they admitted their guilt. Sahu could not proceed further studies so came in Delhi. He worked in a placement agency at Tilak Nagar and also worked as a cook in Nariana and Tilak Nagar. Now he is working with the SLG Placement Agency Berri Wala Bagh Hari Nagar Delhi where he came in contact of Nomee. Gradually he became friend of Nomee and both fell in love and wanted to get married.
To accomplish their goals, they made a plan to steal the huge amount of money so that they can get married and settle down. Staff involved in good work is being rewarded suitably. (V. Renganathan) IPS Addl. Commissioner of Police,      West District, New Delhi. [pic] NORTH- WEST DISTT. DATED 9, JAN. 2013 PRESS RELEASE AUTO-LIFTER ARRESTED With the arrest of one auto-lifter namely Ravi @ Kala on 8. 1. 13, the Anti Auto Theft Squad of North-West District has recovered one stolen vehicle. (1)       Ravi @ Kala s/o Dilbagh Singh R/o H. No. 436/31 Gali No. 2 New  Court Road Ashok Vihar Sonipat Haryana.
Age-28 yrs. INCIDENT: On 8. 1. 13, a secret information was received in AATS/North West District that one person would come on a stolen Scorpio near M2K Mall (NSP) Subhash Place to dispose off the same. On this information, a team of A. A. T. S. comprising of the officials mention below laid a trap near M2K Mall(NSP) Subhash Place and apprehended one youth with one Scorpio bearing No. DL-3CAA 4511 Silver Colour. Later on, the youth was identified as Ravi @ Kala s/o Dilbagh Singh R/o H. No. 436/31 Gali No. 2, New  Court Road, Ashok Vihar, Sonipat, Haryana (aged 28 years).
He was asked to produce the papers of the said vehicle which he could not produce. The engine and chassis numbers of the said vehicle were verified from AUTO MATCH and ZIP NET, and it was found that the said vehicle is stolen vide FIR No. 293/12 dated 17. 11. 12 u/s 379 IPC PS Nangloi, Delhi. Subsequently he was arrested vide  DD No. 45-A dated 8. 1. 2013 u/s 41. 1(d)/102 Cr. P. C PS Subhash Place, Delhi INTERROGATION: On sustained interrogation, accused [email protected] Kala revealed that  he used to steal vehicles from different parts of Delhi with his associates Sikander and Amir both resident of  Distt.
Mujaffarnagar,  UP. On further interrogation, the accused  [email protected] Kala disclosed that  he has also stolen one Tata Safari with his associates Sikander and Amir from Anand Vihar Delhi which was left abandoned  in Sonipat, Haryana when police picket tried to stop them . TEAM: A special team was constituted under the close supervision of ACP/Operations North-West Distt . Sh . Aas Mohd. with the following officers. 1. Insp. Satya  Pal    No. D-I/599             I/C  AATS. 2. SI Sukram Pal No. D-1498 3. HC Naresh Kumar  No. 642/NW                 4. HC Surender Kumar  No. 581/NW 5. HC  Pawan Kr. No. 23/NW                 6. HC  Krishan Pal No. 1361/NW 7. Ct   Jagdish No. 879/NW                             8. Ct. Shohan lal Tyagi,  No. 1898/NW 9. Ct Mahesh Kumar No. 512/NW 10. Ct. Raman Kumar No. 2058/NW 11. Ct. Vikash Kr. No. 1333/NW RECOVERY One stolen Scorpio No. DL 3CAA 4511 CASES WORKED OUT (1)         FIR No. 293/12 dated 17. 11. 12 u/s 379 IPC PS Nangloi, Delhi      (2)         FIR No. 331/12 dated 21. 11. 12 u/s 379 IPC PS Anand Vihar, Delhi PROFILE OF ACCUSED PERSONS Accused Ravi @ Kala has studied upto 10th class from Haryana and belongs to a lower middle class family.
His father is a farmer. He has one previous criminal record. Accused Ravi @ Kala came in contact of Sikander and Amir(both resident of Uttar Pradesh) and started stealing  the   vehicles for quick money. The concerned Police Stations have been informed about his involvements/arrest. Sincere efforts are being made to arrest his associates. (M. A RIZVI)                                                   DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE,                                                              NORTH-WEST DISTT. ,DELHI. Dated: 09. 01. 013                 South-East District police in association with Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation is organizing a Gender Sensitization programme for police officers of the district on 10. 01. 2013 at Conference Hall, South-East District, PS Sarita Vihar from 1100 Hrs onwards. The programme aims at giving insights to the police officers into gender relations and strengthening their professional approach with effective policing of city public spaces through swift and sensitive response to crime especially against women. Addl. Commissioner of Police South-East District, New Delhi.

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