Case 1

A team leader is responsible for people under him or her. As the team leader, one is tasked with giving guidance, instructions, and direction to the team. It is to ensure that the set goals of the team are being achieved. A team leader will be responsible for delegating the duties to the team members. In this case, where there is a new staff it is once role as the leader to ensure that the new employees are welcomed in the team (Sullivan, 2016). It would mean properly accommodating the new employees through quick and efficient solving of the conflict. It is the role of the team leader to know the member’s motivations, weaknesses, and strengths. 

            The conflict, in this case, is because of the introduction of a new CAN.  There before the two female used to work together and they are used to one another, and they feel that the new member is like a trespasser. Another person coming in it may be resulting in conflicts triggered by emotion (Sullivan, 2016). Such emotions may include mixed feelings, jealousy, and fear. Also, it is more likely that distrust is contributing to this conflict between the old CAN’s and the new one. Also, they may be feeling that the newcomer is judging them in the way they have been doing their work.

            One of the obscure reasons that may be contributing to the conflict is competition. It is evident that the new CAN is knowledgeable and is dedicated to his work.  As the team leader, it is notable that he is doing the excellent nursing job. The other team member could be jealousy to this as they find that the new team member is outperforming them (Grohar, 2011). Thus, it means that the chances of promotion and recognition are more with the newcomer than them. Considering that they have worked in the hospital for extended, they tend to look at the new team member a threat and distance themselves from him.

            This conflict is intragroup. It is because the conflict occurs among member within the team. There are some aspects of misunderstanding among members that are making them incompatible.  They are yet to find common ground in which they can relate and work together as a team.  Although there have not been interpersonal disagreements among the members, there is high tension between them. The situation is that two members are alienating another member of the team. Thus, it is a solvable case since two are on one side against one of the team member and who is new to the team.

            In this case, the team can apply several conflict resolution techniques with the intention to bring the members together. It will entail such technique as collaborating (Grohar, 2011). It is where team members will work together through bringing their ideas together to find a suitable solution. Also, compromising will be applicable in this case. It will call for the members to give up their issues and find an agreeable or acceptable solution for the conflicts. In this case, there is significant tension between the team members. Thus, it would be right for them to open up and find the way to accommodate one other in the team.

Case 2

            Sexual harassment in a place of work is illegal. If an employee how not interested in going out with a fellow employee the decision should be respected.  In this case, there are such courses of actions as filing a complaint about sexual harassment.  The matter could also be reported to the top management.  However, the most appropriate manner is having a dialogue between the surgeon and the nurse, and a neutral person should be conducted.  It is to ensure that they solve the matter amicably in a way that issues such as tension or the case does not come worse for either of them (Grohar, 2011). It will also prevent any of the employees from losing their job.

            The nurse manager is a significant individual in the solving such a case. He or she is responsible for leadership and conflict management.  It entails guiding the nurse on what is expected of them while preventing them from harming one another through conflict resolution between them. The nurse manager supervises the nurses noting their weaknesses, experience levels and strengths. The information assists him or her in assigning the task to the nurses. Also¸ it is the role of nurse manager to coach and mentors those that are not experienced and congratulate and award those that are performing well.  Also, the nurse manager attends to the patient issues or concerns about the quality of care.

            On the other hand, the driving and restraining forces of action are used in work. The driving forces are employed in encouraging the employees to work hard and to reward them for excellent performance. It includes giving the nurses some time of the work. They could be given monetary rewards, free lunch and in other cases promotion. On the contrary, restraining takes a different approach where it intends at correcting the employee. Thus, one may have to work for ungodly hours, pay for damages or have their promotion canceled or poorly recommended.

            One of the support systems for the action is the professional code of conduct. The professional code of conduct stipulates behavioral elements that a professional is expected to observe.  It elaborates hat is wrong and what is right or what is professional behavior and how it should be upheld in the workplace (Grohar, 2011). For example, sexual harassment is manifested an illegal conduct by a person in a particular profession. The professional code of conduct will be used to guide character actions.  It will be used to signify that one acted wrong if need be.

            In the same course, an organization has its responsibilities; it rests with the team to ensure that its purpose is being fulfilled.  For instance, the objective of the hospital is to provide health care services. The organization should ensure the patients are provided by quality services. Thus, it will be serving and protecting the interest of the patient while doing so (Sullivan, 2016). Also, the organization has the responsibility to the employee. In this case, they are the nurse and other medical officers where the team is responsible for providing a healthy working environment for them. It would mean protecting them from one another, for example, upholding gender equality.

Case 3

            Yes, I have witnessed workplace violence. There was news that the nurse manager would move to another hospital. The top management said that it would promote one of the nurses to occupy the position. This caused a competitive situation in work with each of the nurse trying to prove themselves to the top management, and the nurse manager can recommend them. This caused tension among the employees, and even a small issue could raise a lot of emotions among the nurse. It continued for several days until one day when one nurse started to accuse the other of being a tabling block to her success. As they continued to exchange words the matter ended in violence between two groups each supporting one of the nurses.

            It was the major issue and troubling to most of us. One could not imagine that such a division could arise in our place of work and at such fast rate. It is then I realized that competition in the workplace would be disastrous if it is not well monitored. The competition should be healthy rather than intended to gain proper position at the expense of the others. Since then, as a team leader, I have always encouraged the team member to engage in healthy competition, and they learn to work together and with any other person. Also, I have learned to resolve conflicts early as they emerge between the team members. As an individual, I avoid accusing a fellow employee but prefer having a neutral person who assists in solving any misinformation.

            Furthermore, similar to any organization some policies protect worker at healthcare facilities. The systems associate to protect the employees from any form of harassment or discrimination subject to their race, sexual orientation, and color among other aspects.  The policy of work safety stipulates the following (Tappen, 2015). The workers in healthcare facilities should be protected from such hazards a biological, physical, biological, chemical among others. The health workers should be protected from both physical and psychological injury. The policies align with providing the employee with good working environment.

            Similarly to any other working areas, the healthcare facilities could also be associated with violence.  To prevent the health services have adopted various aspect to protect the employees (Tappen, 2015)These include setting employees into teams and assigning a group leader. It is to ensure close monitoring of employees to realize any sign of conflict and resolving them early.  Also, psychological support and guidance are provided to ensure that employees are adequately counsel on how to deal with the stress they can work together with their colleagues. There is the use of suggestion boxes among another mean of communication where the employee can timely inform on the due that they are encountering so they can be timely resolved. Then there are the rules and regulations set, and which employees are required to observe and failure to do so will result in the form of punishment such as cancellation of license or suspension from duty.


Grohar-Murray, M. E., & DiCroce, H. R. (2011). Leadership and management in nursing. Norwalk, Conn: Appleton & Lange.

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Tappen, R. M. (2015). Nursing leadership and management: Concepts and practice. Philadelphia: F.A Davis.

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