How amazing is it that you can improve the power of your brain by simply taking a supplement? In addition, your memory will be improved and your brain will be more creative. The rise of nootropics use among consumers has led to the production of hundreds of brain supplements. It may be confusing for a first-timer, as different brands have different offers. Alpha  Brain is a nootropic product that will help improve your brain power and energy. Athletes, businessmen, and other professionals have all attested that this nootropic stack is great for high performance. 


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Alpha Brain is a legitimate brain supplement and has been clinically proven to help people have a good memory, stay sharp and be attentive with what they do. The properties found in this brain supplement will not only help your brain properly execute its duties but also perfect the general performance. Good news is that you will see the results of this products almost immediately as you start using it. You don’t have to wait for long. 

Acetylcholine is a vital neurotransmitter that helps with the processes in the brain. Alpha Brain’s purpose is to increase the level of Acetylcholine. For you to work effectively, your brain needs to perform its functions without issues. Sometimes work at school or the office can overwhelm you, making your brain work at a lower level. Not getting enough sleep or being stressed about something, and hindrance of the neurotransmitters function are other reasons why your brain stops working as it should. You need to take this brain supplement to ensure that the neurotransmitters are efficient and your brain is active throughout.


The naturally grown ingredients for Alpha Brain are what make this product the best. The ingredients are categorized as follows; 

  • 1). The Onnit Flow Blend: Consists of L-Tyrosine, Oat (Straw) extract, L-Theanine, and Phosphatidylserine (PS).

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is known to amplify cognition and act as an anti-stress for acute stressors. Science has proved that L-Tyrosine plays a huge role in boosting our memory. It is also responsible for our well-being.

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in plant species and is used as a relaxing agent. It has compounds which help the body reduce stress levels and increase concentration.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that takes care of brain cells, sends signals and conveys messages between them. It is vital in keeping both your memory and mind sharp and is important for cognitive function. Phosphatidylserine is naturally synthesized by the body. Adding it as a supplement encourages memory improvement and cognitive power.

Oat (Straw) extract is found in green oats and is good for your brain’s health. The extract is also known to boost energy and get rid of anxiety.

  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 falls under the B-Vitamins group of nutrients and is known to release coenzymes in the body. It also helps the body make serotonin, a hormone which regulates your mood. 
  • Onnit Focus Blend: It contains ALPHA GPC, Huperzine-A, Bacopa extract and Huperzia Serrata.

Alpha GPC is a natural choline compound found in the brain and is used as a precursor for treatment of conditions like the Alzheimer’s disease. It ‘s also a supplement that improves memory, especially in young people. GPC is used to reduce the cognitive decrease among the elderly. Professional athletes use Alpha GPC to increase their energy input when on the move. 

The Huperzia Serrata contains the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor Huperzine A. A common nootropic compound, it is also used as a dietary supplement.

Huperzine-A acts as a cognitive amplifier, preventing an enzyme that degrades acetylcholine; the learning neurotransmitter; This results in a slight increase. Huperzine-A as a cognitive enhancer is listed under cholinergic molecules, which help fight the cognitive decline among people of old age. The cognitive enhancer may need to be cycled.

Scientifically known as Bacopa monnieri, the herb boosts brain functions and helps stop anxiety sessions. The Bacopa extract is vital in improving your learning ability and boosting your memory and mood. The plant is a good nootropic as it naturally improves cognition.

  • Cat’s Claw Extract: Cat’s claw is a medicinal plant that has two species. The vine has over the years been used to treat arthritis, stomach ulcers, inflammation and other infections. It is also therapeutic for the body.
  • Onnit Fuel Blend: It consists of Leucineand, Vinpocetine and Pterostilbene. Vinpocetine increases the blood flow to the brain. It is derived from the periwinkle plant and is known to have high cognitive effects. Pterostilbene is good for cognitive enhancement and helps in the reduction of glucose and cholesterol. Though a primary of BCAA, Leucine can be used as an individual supplement instead of adding other BCAA mixes.


Nootropics have both short-term and long-term benefits. Short-term benefits include staying alert, having a good memory, an increase in productivity and energy, and being stress-free. Long-term benefits include having a healthy brain, cognitive decline when old, having a firm brain structure, good memory support, confidence and being in a great mood, and mental clarity. The following are some of the advantages of using Alpha Brain:

  • Better Focus: The nootropic will help you stay focused and attentive throughout the day. Alpha Brain will create a sense of clarity in your brain, and help you stay active even during the commotion. You will not experience any period of sloppiness or be inactive.
  • Good Memory: The brain supplement helps both the young and old have better memory and always be on call. Alpha Brain is specifically designed to inhibit any form of neurological degradation. Your memory will be enhanced and you will be able to easily remember things. Depending on factors like age, genetics, and lifestyle, the memory could either be on a long-term or short-term basis. The bottom line, however, is that you are sure that your memory will be enhanced.
  • Increase Cognitive Function: This smart drug will boost your brain power and help with concussions. It is also great for laser concentration.
  • Anti-Fatigue Agent: Alpha Brain has properties which block receptors in the brain. It induces the fusion of energy and thus reduces exhaustion. Taking the tablets will enable you to work for long hours without feeling the need of taking mini-breaks.
  • Boosts Mood: Nothing sucks in this world like being in low spirits. Sometimes the situation may force you to stay quiet and uninterested in the things around you. Taking Alpha Brain capsules will help change this in an instance. By enhancing the cognitive function, your mood will greatly improve and you will go back to being cheerful again. When anxious, take the tablet and the anxiety will all go away.
  • Creativity: Alpha Brain has the ability to make your reasoning skills better and induce creativity in your brain. In addition, it will also help you easily solve problems which may have initially appeared complex. Studies have supported the argument that this nootropic is effective in increasing one’s sense of imagination and increase in resourcefulness. 


Bricks and mortar stores which deal with health products,  and Whole Foods stores stock this nootropic. Alternatively, you can buy them online. A simple Google search will show you the locations which sell them. Amazon is a reliable place to get Alpha Brain. Specific suppliers also distribute them in their preferred locations. Alpha Brain manufacturers have a website where you can directly make your order. Before buying a nootropic from a supplier ensure that they are legit and not scammers. Always ask for proof that the product is original. The pricing may vary from one place to another. People buying online, for example, may pay a different price from people who purchase them directly from the store.  


Though it has numerous benefits, the nootropic also has a few negative effects. The supplement can lead to addiction to the drug. This is not good as it is supposed to be taken in moderation. There are also rare occasions where a user may experience nervousness and nausea


Alpha Brain is among the best nootropic stacks currently in the market. Just follow the instructions given before taking it, and be sure to achieve the best results. Being sharp and creative will increase your confidence when you work and even as you walk around. Being scientifically proven, a lot of people trust that this brain supplement is safe for them. The ingredients used are not contaminated in any way and will give almost zero negative effects. Alpha Brain is the best brand to start with, as it has more benefits compared to the downsides. If not sure of how to use it, consult a medical practitioner or ask from the store you bought it. 

The purpose of this product is to boost the power of your brain. Like any other drug, overusing it is not recommended. You will obviously love taking the capsules as the results you will get are excellent, but don’t be tempted to overdose to try and see if the supplement will give better results. Take two capsules of the Alpha Brain tablets, or as recommended, as a dietary supplement daily. Pregnant women and people suffering from chronic illness should first check with the doctor before taking any of these supplements. Take the tablets recommended and don’t skip. Remember to always read the instructions before use to avoid any confusion.

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