CBD for IBD: Extrication from Explosion

Some people can barely go twenty minutes without needing the bathroom. They eat food trying to nourish the body but it is excreted within minutes. The body does not take the nutrients being handed over. They suffer constant gastric pain. It is embarrassing and disruptive at best. It is also life threatening.
The Inflammatory Bowel Disease statistics are astounding. The portion of the populace suffering from this is significant. Some people have reported losing jobs due to their need to use the bathroom so often. It is a huge societal and economic burden. IBD is a general term for conditions that affect the digestive tract. They are mostly based on inflammation of the tract, which then leads to further complications. There two main elements under IBD: Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. It was previously though that stress and diet caused IBD but it has recently come to light tat they only aggravate.
CBD works for IBD due to its acceptance into the wide spread endocannabinoid system. A notable Harvard trained doctor uses CBD t treat his IBD patients. He says that after years of administering CBD in varying doses to different patients, he has noted that conventional drugs are far more harmful than any perceived dangers of using cannabis to treat the condition. However, he directs that there is need for careful planning of the regimen in addition to patient proactive participation and frequent follow up. Only then can CBD work at the highest capacity.
A study administered CBD to laboratory model after inducing gastrointestinal inflammation. It was found that the CBD reduced he inflammation effectively. The scientists also tried treating with CBD prior to inducing inflammation. They realized that inflammation did not happen at all in that instance. Processes that can be prevented by the enteric glial cells cause IBD. CBD modulates the production of these cells.
Crohn’s Disease
This is mainly brought on by inflammation of the digestive tract. Research has revealed that there are genetic irregularities that affect the functionality of the gastric immune system. While for regular people the inflammation would clear out after infection was treated, in Crohn’s patients the infection was not present at all. This is therefore considered an autoimmune response. The digestive tract starts from the mouth down to the large intestine. The digestive process starts in the mouth and continues until the nutrients have been extracted and absorbed by the body.
Crohn’s can cause a brutal bowel obstruction due to swelling of pathways. One may also suffer malnutrition because of the difficulty in eating that comes with the disease. The patient might also develop open sores on the mouth and anus. Fistula might develop causing incontinence and anal fissures, which will cause excruciating bowel movements.
Crohn’s disease is treated with immunomodulators and TNF blockers. TNF is a chemical that causes inflammation. CBD through the endocannabinoid system regulates and enhances function of the immune system.
A review in 2013 provided evidence that IBD patients had fewer endocannabinoids. It was also found that the cannabinoid receptors were up regulated. This was seen as the body’s way of asking for more cannabinoid uptake.
In 2011, an observational study on 30 Crohn’s disease patients revealed that half of them had 19 surgeries over the course of 9 years. After they were treated with cannabis, they reported relief from symptoms. In the 3 years period following treatment, there were only two surgeries to share between the 15. This was a vast improvement warranting more attention for CBD to help IBD patients.
Ulcerative Colitis
This condition is recognized by painful sores in the large intestine and rectum. The symptoms of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are pretty close. Therefore, research on CBD for Crohn’s is mostly applicable on this and other IBD conditions.
UC can cause toxic mega colon. This is a situation where the colon widens and swells which might then lead to perforation. These are holes in the colon. Having holes in the colon gives way to fluids and elements that have no business in the colon therefore bringing about more complications. Due to nausea, vomiting and severe diarrhea, dehydration is imminent.
A patient can go days, months and even years without experiencing symptoms. In fact, less than 10% of the patients experience constant symptoms. Therefore, treatment is aimed at achieving three goals. The first is management of symptoms. After that is achieved, the course can go further and try to induce remission. After this, steps are taken to prevent future flare-ups of the disease.
In humorous twist of fate, a study in 2011 revealed that 50% of ulcerative colitis patients use marijuana. Most of them report needing little to no medication as the herb took care of symptoms and abated exacerbations. The elements in the cannabis prevent permeability of the epithelial lining therefore keeping ulcers at bay.
Laboratory rodents were induced with ulcerative colitis. Cannabis was then administered on some of the subjects with the others receiving doses of sulphasalazine. This is a common drug prescribed to IBD patients. It was found that the cannabis worked better to abate symptoms and the disease with little to no harmful effects.
IBD Adverse Symptoms
Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of death in children under five. This is due to dehydration and loss of electrolytes. A significant number of adults die from the same each year too.
Studies have shown that cannabinoid receptor agonists have the ability to delay gastric emptying. There is also potential to affect secretion of gastric acids. Effectively reducing the risk of harm of over secretion of acids.
CBD will also relax the contractions of intestinal muscles, which usually lead to abdominal pain. Anandamide affects neurological processes that impact the gastrointestinal system. CBD modulates the action of anandamides.
Methods of CBD Administration
Usually the oral route is most preferred by people but this is a special case due to the prevalence to vomiting and frequent bowel movements that might excrete the CBD from the system before it is absorbed. This mode of administration involves putting a bit of CBD product under the tongue and letting it get absorbed through the soft membrane into the network of vessels under there straight into the blood stream.
This method can be done using several different kinds of products. You should be careful about the pills, it is best to only start with a fraction of the recommended due to the fact that the sublingual route offers more bioavailability. Much higher than that offered the oral route which is the prescribed route for a pill. Oils and tinctures are great to use for this method, as they are easier to hold under the tongue. Remember, the longer you hold it the better.
Taking a product under the tongue is great for those situations that just kind of creep up on you. It works fast and stays in the blood stream for a long time. The method is easy and will not leave an annoying taste in the mouth. You can even have a sip of water after swallowing.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is as desperate as they get. Suppositories can be administered through either the anus or vagina. Both parts offer excellent access to the blood stream, which is where the CBD needs to be. They have incredibly permeable membranes through which the product can penetrate into the web of vessels. In the anus, only one vein goes to the liver. This means that only a portion of the CBD will be subjected to metabolism. This method, therefore still offers a high bioavailability.
This method might break the spirit of the patient. However, it makes up for the inconvenience by being very effective. Surely, should comfort and self-preservation come before effectiveness of the treatment?
CBD Infusion
Sure, orally administering CBD is not ideal due to the situations. This method should therefore only be used to complement the other methods. Infusion is mostly done on edibles and beverages. The patient will vomit and excrete quickly but every once in a while a little will be absorbed before that happens.
Ulcers patients are asked to take a myriad of cocktails with carrots and other natural vegetables that help manage the symptoms. Infusing a little bit of CBD into those juices will make them that little bit more scrumptiously healing.
Embrace CBD
Suffering from IBD puts one at a higher risk for conditions like colon cancer, arthritis, skin lesions, and eye inflammations. These can quickly turn fatal. It is best to manage the condition before this point is arrived. IBD patients report only good things o use of cannabis to help their disease. They report needing less immunosuppresants and anti acids. They also report much less bathroom trips.
However, the stigma against cannabis while having eased up is still rampant. This makes it hard to research some more and even conduct trial. There are doctors out there who have dedicated their lives to ensuring their patients benefit from the herb. Even the Canadian society for intestinal research, GI Society, has hitched the bandwagon. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain by taking up CBD to ease IBD symptoms and conditions.

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CBD for IBD: Extrication from Explosion
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